Norwegian media ignores 4 coldblooded murders, but quickly repeats Ramallahs hysterical condemnation of Israel

Its not really surprising, but the repeated disappointments over Norwegian medias inability to report on coldblooded murders of Jews, while eagerly covering any wild accusations that come from Ramallah.

I have now scoured the online newspapers for any meaningful coverage of the carnage that took 4 lives in a matter of 48 hours, injured several more and left 6 kids orphaned. Vårt Land ran a short story, hiding it fairly well down on its pages, while NRK, Dagbladet, VG, etc could not get themselves to write about Palestinians who murder Israeli Jews or wrongly attach Israeli Arabs who they suspect may be Jews.

This is how Dagbladet and NRK has reported on the murders of Jews (google translate)


Palestinians expelled from the Old City of Jerusalem
Police officials confirm.
Sunday 4 October 2015, kl.07: 00

Palestinians expelled from Jerusalem’s Old City for two days, said Israeli police.

Saturday night shot and killed Israeli police a Palestinian man after he had stabbed four people in the old town.

Two of the victims died while two others were wounded, including a child. There has in recent weeks been several clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Several Palestinians feel threatened by an increasing number of Jews wish to use the holy place Haram al-Sharif, the Jews called the Temple Mount to pray.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam, Haram al-Sharif.

The place is knows among Jews as the Temple Mount, which is the holiest place in Judaism.


The NRK (now with considerably much more details, but emphasis still on the perceived slight of Palestinian terrorists) (also google translate)

Palestinians expelled from the Old City of Jerusalem
Israel forbids Palestinians access to the old town in the annexed East Jerusalem in two days after two Israelis were stabbed and killed at the weekend.

Updated today for 4 hours ago

The prohibition applies to the many Palestinians in East Jerusalem who do not live inside the old city. This means that only Israelis, tourists, shop owners, schoolchildren and old city residents will reside in the area, said Israeli police.

Saturday night shot and killed Israeli police a Palestinian man after he had stabbed four people in the old town. Two Israeli men were killed, while a woman and a child were wounded.

Ramallah condemns Israeli ban
Palestinian government condemns the describes as a “Israeli escalation” in the form of temporarily denying Palestinians access to Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Israeli action happens after a Palestinian teenager stabbed and killed two Israelis in the old city Saturday. The perpetrator was himself shot dead by Israeli police.

– The Palestinian government condemns the Israeli escalation policy of Israeli occupation authorities against our people in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, according to a statement from the government in Ramallah Sunday morning.

The ban lasts two days and includes all Palestinians who do not live in the old town and who do not have Israeli citizenship.

Increased unrest
There has in recent weeks been several clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police at al-Aqsa Mosque in Old City of Jerusalem, in addition to more serious violence incidents in the occupied West Bank.

Among the Palestinians living in the old town, only men aged 50 years and older who are now allowed to pray in the mosque, said Israeli police. There are no age restrictions for women.

The recent Jewish and Muslim festivals have fueled unrest. Several Palestinians feel threatened by an increasing number of Jews coming to the holy site of Haram al-Sharif, the Jews called the Temple Mount. The eight-day long Jewish Feast of Tabernacles began last Sunday.
Settlers killed
Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam, Haram al-Sharif. Space is of the Jews known as the Temple Mount, which is the holiest place in Judaism.

Tensions have also risen sharply in the occupied West Bank since an Israeli couple was shot and killed Thursday evening as they drove between two settlements. Israel has put hundreds of soldiers into the hunt for the perpetrators.

Also in West Jerusalem stabbed a Palestinian man Sunday morning a passer by before he was shot and killed by police after he fled the scene. The victim was injured.
Law student
Saturday’s double murder in East Jerusalem was performed by a 19 year old Palestinian law student from a village in the occupied West Bank, according to Haaretz. The Israeli newspaper writes that the 19 year old several days ago published a picture on his Facebook page a fellow student who was killed in Hebron, along with a text in which he declared that the third intifada is already underway.

No stabbings happened in the main street of the old city Muslim quarter, Haaretz writes. Many Jewish Israelis have settled in the street, which apparently is the country’s most heavily guarded and an important route for both Muslims and Jews on the way to respectively Haram al-Sharif and the Wailing Wall.

After knife attack in the Old Town were reported several acts of violence directed against Arabs in Jerusalem.


In addition, the NRK, always leaning backwards to improve on its anti-Israel bias, has presented the following nonsense, hate speech, biased reporting and outright lies in the last week:

Last nights news (lifted from, who have transliterated the report from the NRK journalist – rubbish google translate)

Serious faults by the NRK

NRK evening news misappropriated the fact that the victims were Jews, and blamed the escalation in Jerusalem unilaterally on a “Jewish festival”.
Conrad Myrland
04/10/2015 12:10

Saturday night aPalestinian terrorist launched an attack with knife near Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. Two Jewish men were killed and a young Jewish woman was seriously injured. The terrorist took a gun from one of his victims and began firing wildly into a group of tourists. He also shot a two year old boy in the leg, a son of one man killed and the injured woman. Injured was also a fifth man before border police soldiers near got shot and killed the attacker.
Read MIFF article about the terrorist attack that was published on Saturday night.
How did NRK evening news to report this matter in its broadcast at. 23.05 Saturday October 3rd? The main details of the attack that took place around kl. 18.30 were all known by Israeli and international media in advance of the NRK broadcast. Also the Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported that the attacker had begun to shoot.

NRK’s evenieng news angle.
Newscaster Atle Bjurstrøm said following the introduction of the evening news:
“Tense mood in Jerusalem. The town has had several episodes of violence. Today was a violent Palestinian shot. ”
A few minutes into the broadcast began Bjurstrøm:
“A Palestinian man was tonight shot by Israeli police. The man had stabbed four people with a knife, two of them died. The atmosphere in Jerusalem is tense now, after several episodes of violence. ”
Reporter Elaine Tjørhom continued:
“medical teamsare rushing through to the scene in Jerusalem’s Old City. Israeli soldiers chase away onlookers Palestinians. A Palestinian man has stabbed four others. Two of the knived victims are dead. The perpetrator was shot by Israeli police and he died too. A Jihad group has claimed responsibility. ”
NRK texted the following statement by Moshe Edri, police chief in Jerusalem:
“The attacker is from the Palestinian territories. He broke into here, armed with a knife. He attacked people who were walking in the old town. ”
Tjørhom finished the element as follows:
“Tonight’s attack is only the latest in a series of violent incidents. Yesterday it came to clashes between Palestinians and police after Friday prayers. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, or al-Haram al-Sharif in Arabic, which is once again the center of the conflict. The place is sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and it is constantly conflict about who should have access to the area. A Jewish festival that is taking place near the cause of the unrest over the past week. Also on the top political level, there is currently tense between Israel and Palestine. After Palestinian President addressed the United Nations and said he scrapped all previous peace agreements between the parties. ”

Notice the NRK’s grip:
The fact that the attacker was stopped is essentially being lifted up in the introduction.
The victims are Jewish Israelis – it is not mentioned with a word. “A Palestinian man stabbed four others.”
The attacker’s shooting is not mentioned.
Finally the victims are blamed. “A Jewish festival that is taking place near the cause of the unrest over the past week.”
The Jewish holiday Sukkoth began on the evening of Monday 27 September. Sukkoth is celebrated everywhere where Jews live, and is not a cause for concern for anyone other than those who are troubled by Jews.
According to the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, most Palestinians under age 50 have been refused entry to the Temple Mount since 27 September. That’s because Israeli police have feared similar terrorist attack like this.

To complete the picture, the NRK has just now informed us that 77 Palestinians have been shot in  the last 24 hours, without as much as a hint of a context, or how come these persons came in harms way

A few days ago, the NRK gave Odd Karstein Tveit free reins to spread anti-semitic drivel a la blood libel accusations and Jewish world power to its audience. Again, (whereas I have merely google translated it) has done the job to point out the many and dangerous mistakes Mr. Tveit vomits out as a matter of habit

“Israel occupies, burns homes and kills children in the West Bank”

Odd Karsten Tveit spread his customary, but wild and undocumented accusations against Israel at NRK on Wednesday night.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
01/10/2015 4:10 p.m.

Mahmoud Abbas’ attempts at cancellation of the Oslo Accords, was the theme in NRK program News Wednesday night. Presenter Ole Torp was visited by researchers Nils Butenschøn and Sverre Lodgaard, and the channel’s own reporter Odd Karsten Tveit.

Tveit’s blood-accusations
We take the worst first. The highlight in the series of one-sided accusations and analyzes that were served in the program, was when Tveit performed following sentence, with neither reference to sources or to meet critical follow-up questions:
“Israel occupies, they burn homes, they kill children in the West Bank – without any consequences at all ,” said Tveit.
Oh really?

The accusation is of course the coarsest of the three allegations. Such statements are reminiscent of a slightly more sophisticated variant of the old anti-Semitic myths. The accusation is just as false as the old myths.
The Israel-critical organization B’tselem has a list on its website of how many Palestinians have been killed in confrontations with Israeli forces in the West Bank. So far in 2015, there are 19 people. Of them were three persons minors (under 18 years): A 15-year-old was shot while he threw firebombs at a military checkpoint. A 17-year-old was shot after he threw a large stone at the windscreen of a military vehicle at speed. Another 17-year-old was shot when he tried to stab a soldier at a checkpoint. Do such self-defense actions provide a basis for spreading a general accusation of repeated infanticide in the West Bank?
In comparison, US law enforcement officerskilled 353 people in 2015 , and of them were at least eight minors (age not disclosed at all on the list). When will we hear Tveit or another NRK reporter say: “The USA is killing children without consequences”? Why Israel is held to a totally different standard?
The accusation that Israel “burning home” is also a serious lie. In a number of cases, illegal buildings in the West Bank are demolished and sometimes the homes of terrorists are demolished. Tveit’s allegation is  allowed to linger, likely to ensure that people can get a distorted picture of the Israeli forces pyromaniac despots.
His political position that the occupation is illegal, we know from before. We do not share that view, and it seems the notorious one-sidedness he and NRK included in this issue is regrettable.

Tveit’s Jew power-speculation
Right from Tveit when Tveit is introduced in   the program, did viewers hear his notorious Israel-accusations. In his opening remarks he used the word “apartheid” in the discussion of Israel, and so he continued with an accusation that “Norway has danced by the Americans and Israelis pipe for years.” The sentence gives conspiracy theory associations. It was intended as an explanation of why Norway did not vote for the Palestinian flag was hoisted outside the UN building along with the flags of existing states that are full-fledged UN members. (Norway abstained from voting on the matter.)
Does not the NRK reporter have some other explanation for Norway’s standpoint than such ill-concealed speculation about Jewish power behind the scenes? Could it not simply be a political underlying principle? Could it not be that Norway does not actually want to support Palestinian unilateralism in the United Nations, a move more than any other cements the stalemate in the peace negotiations?

Butenschøn and Abbas’ narrative
At the start of the program Butenschøn presentsthe first analysis. Abbas “has tried to revive the negotiations in many years,” he declared, and continued: “It is obvious that Israel does not have wanted such a negotiation process as long as they know that they can continue the expansion of settlements because they have the support of the United States. ”
Both he and NRK did Palestinian propagandists full favour with this representation. For the fact is that Netanyahu repeatedly in recent months has issued invitations to new direct negotiations without preconditions – in spring and in autumn. Abbas refuses to respond to the invitation. Instead of giving thanks for the initiative and sit at the negotiating table, he is busy trying to convince the world community that it is Israel that will not negotiate. It was Abbas’ narrative Butenschøn informed viewers, and NRK let it go unchallenged.
Ole Torp quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Abbas’ speech at the UN was “deceitful and incites unrest”, but did not quote the rest of Netanyahu’s statement – that part which dealt with that Abbas has a standing offer from him to resume peace negotiations, and that it is the Palestinian president who has chosen not to answer the offer.
– That he has repeatedly failed to respond to such offers, is the best proof that he has no intention of achieving a peace agreement, said Netanyahu.
But this was never reflected in News panel. “The problem is that Israel does not recognize that they are an occupying power,” said Butenschøn instead.
In the foreign policy magazine, Urix on the same same evening, a Palestinian pizza baker served propaganda stories. (also miff, also google translate

– NRK caters to the most primitive emotions

A Palestinian pizza bakers propaganda  in the NRK programUrix.
Conrad Myrland
01.10.2015 9:10

Wednesday 30 September, devoted NRK Urix once more than half of its transmission to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The focus was primarily on speech that PA President Mahmoud Abbas held in the UN General Assembly the same day.
The report also included a visit by NRK Middle East correspondent Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen to a pizza restaurant in Ramallah. In a sensationally unilateral report he allows a Palestinian pizza baker explain the conflict with a pizza knife without any critical questions or objections. This single element is also published on the front page of – “Resturant Owner with pizza knife explains how little Palestine has become”.
The report evokes strong emotions.
– In Urix can obviously any pizza baker used as a witness, as long as he renders the story in line with editorial policy agenda. Imagine filling precious airtime with such oratory! This is a new low, comments Morten Fjell Rasmussen, director of MIFF Board.
– Are there no limits to how deeply NRK can sink in foolish propaganda oratory? Commenting Gabriel Edland, Secretary of MIFF Board.
– These are questions that are too serious to be ridiculed in this manner. It is coarse and plump propaganda without any balance, without any real information value. This is just to play on the emotions of the most primitive. We know that the spirit of NRK for 50 years has gone in this direction, but has got to be a limit to childishness, commenting Jan BenjaminRødner, member of the Board MIFF and MIFF first chairman from 1978.

What is wrong with pizza baker’s history presentation?
There has never been a Palestinian state with the Palestinian flag he puts on pastry initially. Before Israel was established, the area was ruled from London as a British mandate with the intent to establish a Jewish national homeland. It was the task League of Nations had given the government in London. The time was the Jews in the area referred to as Palestinians.
Before 1917 the area was ruled from Istanbul, not under the name of Palestine – administrative areas of the Ottoman Empire had completely different names and classificationsBefore the 1500s, the area has been remotely controlled by various Arab rulers and dynasties, but there has never been any local ruled Arab state with Jerusalem as its capital. Therefore, it is totally wrong when pizza baker says that “the heart is our Jerusalem.”
Palestine has never existed as a state. Some states recognize today Palestine as a state despite the fact that borders are not clarified, there are two rival governments and a legislative authority that does not come together.
The Pizza baker makes even more of a mess when he tries to recreate recent history. It may seem as if he mixes his illustrations – one moment the pastry represents the old British mandate area, the next, is the West Bank. He never tells how the West Bank was occupied and illegally annexed by Jordan from 1948 to 1967. Gaza was occupied by Egypt and the Palestinians had no prospect of getting their own state.
When the pizza baker tells the story of Israeli settlements, cutting off one piece after another off the pizza dough – but forgets to tell that the settlements’ gated and patrolled areas only covers three (3!) Percent of the West Bank.
Finally he stands again with some small pieces of food which he claims is Palestine. He forgets to tell the Palestinians repeatedly have been offered a nearly full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, replacement areas for settlement blocks that Israel will keep and a safe passage to Gaza (where Israel withdrew completely in 2005).
It’s not that the Palestinians are about to disappear from the area. The number of Palestinians within the “boundaries” of the pizza baker’s original pastries has increased by a factor of 10 over the last hundred years – from about 600,000 Arabs to over 6 million Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel. Pizza baker’s history presentation reminiscent PLO false map, which also NRK has communicated indiscriminately earlier.
None of this is mentioned when storytelling is left to a pizza baker with a pizza knife. Urix editors note a new low point. There have unfortunately been many of them the past couple years.

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  1. motti
    October 6, 2015 at 6:22 am

    I rally am of the opinion that these Norwegians who dedicate their lives to hate Israel/Zionism/Jews probably stand in front of the mirror each morning to practice their Sieg Heils!

    Make no mistake about those who claim to only hate Zionism and not the Jews, that is ridiculous. To hate Zionism is to hate the homeland of the Jewish people and deny the Jewish people of that homeland. There are millions of real refugees around the world with lots of mass murderers that these Fascists fail to recognise. Their only problem is the plight of the so called Palestinians. Only because it is the Jews who are no longer seen as the victim but these peace loving, non murderous Arabs who live west of the River Jordan. These people need to settle in Palestine, which today is called Jordan, a country that incorporates 78% of the old British Mandate of :Palestine. The problem is that they want 100%.

  2. Herbie
    October 6, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Well said!

  3. motti
    October 7, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Thank you Herbie. I just fail to understand the Jewish commentators who fail to recognise the real intentions of the barbarians and thugs who wish to deny the Jewish people a small homeland in the midst of the Islamic revolution.

    Meretz supporters and their ilk are totally living on cloud nine and view everything through pink or red lenses. Abbas the PLO/PA have publicly welcomed the slaughter of Jews and publicly stated that no Jews will be allowed to live in Palestine number two. That is the two state solution as envisaged by the Arabs and their western cohorts, .Hamas, Hezbullah and the other murderous minded thugs. Why do the left wing Jews disbelieve them?

  4. Herbie
    October 7, 2015 at 10:14 am

    “Why do the left wing Jews disbelieve them?” It is my view that they wish to prove that they are the “good Jews and feel other peoples pain”

    Walking through a rough part of the city one night, two
    social workers (also known as “good Jews” heard moans and groans and muted cries for help coming from an alley.

    Walking toward the sound, they found a semi-conscious man (an Israeli).

    “Help me!” he said weakly. “I’ve been mugged and viciously

    The two social workers stared at him for a moment then
    walked back out of the alley.

    One turned to the other and said, “You know, the person who
    did that really could use some help!”

    Does that explain it? :-)

  5. Herbie
    October 8, 2015 at 10:29 am
  6. motti
    October 10, 2015 at 7:03 am

    Thank you Herbie for the two sites. Jihad watch I do follow and the interview on youtube was excellent. your analysis is spot on,

    Not for nothing is Jew hatred known as the longest hate. The blue eyed Norwegian Nazis and their brown eyed Islamo Nazis are well paired together. Joined by a common ideology known as Jew hatred.

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