The NRK and other media invest heavily in fat lies and Israel bashing

The NRK seems to have forgotten that it has been rapped over its fingers more than once for its lack of balance in the Israel-Palestine conflict, among other things accused of not separating between propaganda and facts.

Has it cut any ice at all with the powers that be there? Nope.

One has a nasty feeling that the last weeks intensive onslaught against Israel, serves the purpose of covering up the massive influx of refugees and asylum seekers, blowing the already stretched capacities to smithereens and now starting to bug ordinary Norwegians who have been asked to house refugees in their private homes.

Therefore, we are treated to a smear campaign against Israel, where nothing seems to be off limit.

If it is not genocide Israel is accused of, then it is ethnic cleansing. Somehow, no Norwegian journalist is capable of looking up the definitions of these terms, or check claims against statistical facts.

Genocide as defined by Lemkin

[A]ny of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  1. Killing members of the group;

  2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

  3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

  4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

  5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Ethnic cleansing as explained by the Human Rights Watch

Although “ethnic cleansing” is not formally defined under international law, a U.N. Commission of Experts has defined the term as a “purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas. . . . This purpose appears to be the occupation of territory to the exclusion of the purged group or groups.”116

Whereas this link provides and excellent example of incitement to genocide as defined in the UN convention on genocide, one would have to have severe reading comprehension difficulties in not understanding that not only has the Palestinian population thrived since Jordan’s occupation was terminated and the contested territories brought under Israeli control, there has also not been any  forced displacement of the people living over the so called green line after 1967. Jordan, who illegally occupied the West Bank from 1948 to 1967, did however deny Jews the right to live in Hebron, and destroyed Jewish property and institutions.

Apparently historical facts are of no consequence… and thus the NRK, on repeated occasions, allow lies and dangerous incitement to dominate their coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict:

lifted from (google translate)

Refuses to recognise the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a conflict
– When the media calls what happens between Israel and Palestine a conflict, it sounds as if two equal parties disagree, believe the Palestinian-American writer Susan Abulhawa.

Thomas Espevik

– Colonization and ethnic cleansing are more descriptive word for what is happening, says Abulhawa when NRK meet her for an interview in Oslo.

The Palestinian-American author points out disagreements between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama as an example of a conflict, and believes that it is completely wrong of the media to use that word about the situation in the Middle East.

– We need a new language and new words to describe what Israel is doing, says Abulhawa.

Would not describe the women in the novel as strong
It is five years since Abulhawa debuted as an author with “Morning in Jenin.” NRK literary reviewer, Anne Cathrine Straume, described the novel as a harrowing book about the Palestinians’ misfortune. Also in the author’s second book, “Blue between sky and sea,” it is the Palestinians who have starred.

Susan Abulhawa
“Blue between sky and sea” is Abulhawa second novel. It is currently sold into 20 languages.
In the novel we meet four generations of women who Abulhawa apparently describes as “strong women” in a message to his readers on Aschehougs websites but NRK rejects the author categorically having made such a statement.

– One never says that a novel about strong men. When one says that the female roma characters, it means that women typically are not strong. Therefore, I could never have said it, says Abulhawa.

– Have no agenda with writing
Abulhawa tells that in her freshest novel would write about the inner lives of these women said, about how in a challenging life in Gaza must adhere to common things like love, sexuality, religion and money.

– Do you think fiction can show something about the situation in the Middle East that journalists fail to convey?

– Yes absolutely. I think literature has its own super power to convey a bigger picture.

Although Abulhawa have great faith in literary communication ability, she claims not to have an agenda with the writing:

– I think neither on politics, readers or reviewers when I write. The only thing I care about is telling the story to my grades.

– Has received a voice beyond the literary
– So you’re primarily a writer and not a human rights activist when writing?

– It’s like asking if I see myself as a woman or mother first. I’m a mother, woman, friend, activist, author, and so on, and honestly do not know how one affects the other. But I do not share who I am into parts. I’m a whole person.

Yet recognizing Abulhawa the author role has given her a voice beyond the literary:

– Yes, definitely, and it is a great privilege, especially in a world where most people have no voice.

As a contrasting and critical voice, MIFF has challenged this lack of critical thought by Norwegian journalists, including her praise of the Hamas

lifted from (google translate)

Author who praises Hamas was praised by the NRK

Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
07/10/2015 8:10 p.m.

– Can novels change the world, asked presenter Ole Torp when he introduced “the Palestinian-American author and human rights activist” Susan Abulhawa in News Tuesday night. “She uses her literature to shout loudly about Palestinian suffering”, got viewers know, and then she got free rein to share their message in the final nine minutes of the program (under the guise that she claimed not to have a political agenda) .
Palestinian society is ” offended and oppressed”, and Palestinians are a people who are “denied existence,” she said, while she talked about her writing and her new book The blue between sky and sea.

– wanted to recognise the “resistance fighters”
She then proceeded to whitewash Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist groups in Gaza.
– You have dedicated your book to “resistance fighters”, as you call them, in Gaza. Were they heroes all together? asked Ole Torp.
Abulhawa replied that the book was not dedicated to them, but that she had written a thank you greeting (“a shout-out”) to them in the end of the book.
– I wanted to recognise what they did and what they sacrificed, she said.
– Does that include their firing of rockets into Israel? followed Torp up.
She did not reject this proposition,. She refused to call any of them terrorists. It is “an over simplified label”, she asserted.
– If the Palestinians who remained in the tunnels [during the Gaza war in 2014] and tried to defend themselves and their homes, had been white and non-Muslims, the world would have seen their heroism, the author said.
But to kidnap and kill Jewish teenage boys, firing thousands of rockets, hoping to kill Jewish civilians, and most recently last week to send out killers to cold-blooded shooting Jewish parents who were heading home – it is not heroism. It is terrorism. And it is no oversimplification. Hamas is responsible for all this. And they have never renounced terror. They have never recognized Israel’s right to exist as Jewish state. According to their own founding document they are looking forward to a day when nature will help them kill as many Jews. They will wipe out their neighbors. And let it be clear: White non-Muslims who had to commit the same crimes as Hamas, would of course be terrorists as much as Hamas. Torp had plenty of material to ask more critical questions.

Starvation in Gaza?
Torp went on to get her to talk about the Palestinian refugees’ dream to be able to return, without mentioning that it would involve so many descendants of the 1948 refugees would settle in Israel that it would mean the end of the world’s only Jewish state.
– People in Gaza are living incommunicado, people starving and living densely populated, claimed Torp.
The claim that people are starving in the Gaza Strip has been debunked before, including one of NRK’s ​​own reporters and the Norwegian People’s Aid. The Palestinian territories are still at the same place at the United Nations living index, and we have not seen that neither News editors or others have submitted some evidence that people have started to starve Gaza. Over 400 trucks with goods run daily into Gaza, despite the allegations of “blockade”. We are not saying that the people of Gaza do not have big challenges. But there is still no evidence to suggest that people are starving.
There is otherwise hugely many areas of the world, including several neighborhoods in Oslo, which has a higher population density than Gaza.

“Evil Israeli soldiers”
Next question helps the writer to further grind out their picture of the conflict:
– In the book Israeli soldiers seen as brutal, evil. Is that how you look at Israel? asked Torp.
– There are such characters in the novel looks at Israel, she replied, and said index of brutality, blockade and occupation, while Torp nodded understandingly.
– Do you dream about returning? he asked her in the end.
– Yes of course. I lived there when I was younger, I have connections and family there. It feels very special to know that there is a place where all my family has lived for centuries, she says.
According to Wikipedia lived Abulhawa with relatives in East Jerusalem since she was ten to 13 years. After that, she lived in the United States. Many American Palestinians traveling frequently to the West Bank, and several have settled there. For many, this is not impossible to achieve. Presenting it as if she is barred from their homeland is in any case a strong oversimplification.
But over simplifications may be fine for both Abulhawa and NRK as long as they confirm the Palestinian narrative?

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  1. Herbie
    October 12, 2015 at 10:27 am

    Try this for balance. The speech is in English
    Caroline Glick in London.

  2. October 12, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    This 2013 speech needs absolutely no editing to make frighteningly accurate these terrible October days 2015.
    She needs to be mada mandatory reading/listening!

  3. motti
    October 14, 2015 at 5:08 am

    Thanks again Herbie. Caroline Glick has never spoken in Norway, I believe. A pity that the Nrwegian Nazi establishment would keep her out at all costs.
    That says it all.
    I agree with the Prof that her speech needs to be mandatory in al Jewish venues. Our faint hearted lefties must be terrified of her.

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