Norwegian media urgently need to be put under international surveillance

Lies, twisted facts and under-reporting. These are the main features of the Norwegian media versus the Israel-Palestine conflict. Thanks to the MIFF who tirelessly challenge, confront, collate information and drive awareness campaigns, the world outside Norway can get a view into the very dirty stuff that goes on here and passes for journalism.

three stories lifted from (really bad google translate – you know, full time work, no time to do a proper job here…) and at the end, a letter from the Israeli Ambassador in Norway to the editor of Dagbladet (copied from the Israeli Embassy’s Facebook)

Græsvik shared link to antisemitic website

TV2’s foreign correspondent Fredrik Græsvik have an open Facebook profile with 5000 friends and 8573 followers. (Open for most, but not MIFF – as he has blocked.)
When a tipping discovered what Græsvik shared on Facebook three days ago, was competent so shocked that the anonymous source called the MIFF. The person introduced himself as editorial employed by TV2,
– Have you seen what site Græsvik link to? asked the source disbelief. MIFF has no opportunity to check whether the source is an employee of TV2, but we have plenty of opportunity to check the matter.

Antisemitic website
Saturday October 10, shared Græsvik a link to an article with mention of the new books to Græsvik and Odd Karsten Tveit blog Eight of Græsvik friends have so far commented link positively, 17 shared it and 218 have clicked like. Not one has questioned website Græsvik link to. No objections.
There is every reason to question the The URL was registered in November 2014, when also the first articles on the blog was published. The articles are published by one or more anonymous authors, and writes that they are “side for left / center politically, where a particular will focus on the Palestinian cause and anti-racism”.
The identity of the suspected mastermind behind the website is known for MIFF. At its open Facebook profile links he September 22 to Frieord.nus Facebook page (called Palestine friends), and writes: “I write only alone on the side now, others inserter is removed. Should you think I’m an anti-Semite or Jew hate. So then you are free to present text as well they do. We criticize Israeli politicians and non-Jews. “(Unedited quote, MIFF’s note.)

Grotesque Jewish jokes in social media
MIFF sitting on some screenshots demonstrating the vision mastermind behind have on Jews.
“Jews can be greedy and sneaky, that we have seen many times,” the man wrote in a Facebook thread during a debate on the VG-case from 2010 which described an Oslo mosque selling books full of hatred against Jews.
“Many Jews from Eastern Europe are racists and fascists,” he wrote in August 2014. He has apparently also great fun to share Jew jokes in social media. In one of his Jewish jokes portray webmaster the Norwegian patriotism to throw a Jew outside pulpit.

The blog’s agenda
If TV2 editorial or advertisers are taking a look at the website, they may even decide if it’s something they believe TV channel journalists should promote for a five-digit number of Norwegians. The editor (s) think that we “absolutely not” have democracy in Norway. Party politics do not belong.
From May 2015, the number of updates on the blog increased sharply, and the focus becomes even more unilaterally directed against Israel. The world’s only Jewish state is referred to as bestial as the master race, child murderers, national extremes, world offender, inhuman and brutal. Israel is hated. Israel stands behind expeditiously. Israel’s Minister of Justice is evil. Palestinians being slaughtered …
This is just a small selection from the blog headlines. In text and images, it is much more cloudiness.
And in between all this there is keen defense for Mads Gilbert, Sidsel Wold and Fredrik Græsvik. The surprising thing is that Græsvik accept the embrace.
The report on anti-Semitism which came in 2012 showed a clear link between attitudes to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and attitudes toward Jews in general. The degree of anti-Semitism is greatest among the most ardent supporters of the Palestinians.
EU Human Rights Agency (FRA) has previously had a working definition of anti-Semitism published on his website: “A certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and / or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities. ”
It was also specified that some manifestations directed against the State of Israel, as it is seen as a Jewish collectivity have antisemitic effect. One of the concrete examples reported are: “To compare the current Israeli policy with Nazi.”
It goes with the story that the blog has made a long series of false accusations against MIFF.
It also belongs to the story that has recommended books to Tveit and Græsvik without having read them. “So both books will eventually be read,” writes the blogger. MIFF has already found several defects in the first part of Tveit’s book.

While Græsvik is busy sharing anti-Semitic material, our friend Odd Karsten Tveit is busy telling Norwegians that Hamas does not praise attacks on Jews. Howard Stern (notice the pun!) should have a chat with him!

Tveit: – Hamas does not praise attacks against Jews

Tuesday 13 October, NRK P1 news magazine Here and now presented a story on the unrest in Jerusalem. Foreign Employee Odd Karsten Tveit was interviewed by phone from Jerusalem presenter Tron Soot-Ryen.
“We have repeatedly heard that Hamas praises those who attack Jews. Is this something that is supported by other key organizations or politicians on the Palestinian side? ”
Tveit is obviously unprepared for the question, he gropes unusual much for words.
“I did not exactly think it is Jews who are … it’s … Hamas does not praise attacks against Jews, but they praise attacks against the occupiers.”
Tveit put strong emphasis on the last word.

Hamas and the Jews
Constitution of Hamas states that their struggle is aimed at Jews as a people. The organization arising out of the Muslim Brotherhood expresses longing forward to the day when nature will help Muslims to kill Jews. The Constitution designates Jews as facilitators for most of the world’s evil and war and portrays including Rotary and Lions clubs as “destructive spying organizations” that “promotes Zionist interests”. What will therefore Mads Gilbert’s friends in Hamas to say, when he speaks to Rotary clubs on October 15?
But Hamas her dream of attacking Jews is not only in the Constitution. Latest on the date Tveit rejected the Islamist movement’s praise of Jewish murder, praised the official radio station of Hamas – Al Aqsa – terrorists who killed Israelis in Ra’anana.
“We have reached all the way to Ra’anana, deep inside Israel,” boasted Hamas, according to Israeli journalist Ari Soff. “Well done to the heroes!” Were the four cafe guest who was attacked by a knife terrorist in Ra’anana at noon on October 13 Jews or occupiers? What about the 32-year old man who was attacked by another terrorist on a bus stop a few hours earlier? Ra’anana is a town north of Tel Aviv.
Soot-Ryen has obviously right. And it’s not just Hamas that praises attacks on Jews.

Fatah praise attacks against Jews
There are a number of examples where representatives of Fatah praise attacks against Jews.
Soon after synagogue terror 19th November 2014, in which five people were killed by terrorists armed with knives and ax in a synagogue in Jerusalem, were the perpetrators hailed by Abbas’ adviser and Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein. He wrote on Facebook:
“Blessed be their quality weapons, the wheels of their cars, their axes and kitchen knives their … for they are used by the will of Allah. We are Allah’s soldiers “.

Promises paradise
PA President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas promises paradise to those who participate in the fight against the Jews and handing out medals to terrorists who murdered Jewish cinema guests.
In a statement which was broadcast on the Palestinian Authority’s own television channel PA TV on Wednesday 16 September, discussed the PA president Mahmoud Abbas Jews as “dirty”. Therefore, they should not get “defile” the Palestinians’ holy mosque, was his message. The statement was given in a meeting with the so-called “activists for the defense of the sanctuary.” Abbas began to bless the rebels.
– We bless you, we bless those who perform Ribat [an Islamic expression of conducting religious war to protect lands one counts as Islamic]. We bless every drop of blood that has been shed for Jerusalem, which is pure blood, blood poured out for Allah, as Allah will. Every martyr will reach paradise, and all that has been damaged, will be rewarded by Allah, proclaimed president.
– Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Sepulchre [church in Jerusalem’s Old City on the site where tradition says Jesus was crucified and buried] is ours, and they have no right to defile them with their dirty feet. We will not allow them, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem, said Abbas.
Statements were also rendered by the Palestinian news agency WAFA and the Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

Fight against yahud
Tribute of attacks against Jews is widespread in Palestinian society. MIFF has discussed a wide variety of examples in recent years. Jihadist battle cry is not so much directed against “occupiers”, as against “yahud” – Jew in Arabic.
The Norwegian doctor Erik Fosse told how some of the most educated Palestinians in the Gaza Strip when Hamas fired cheer rockets against Tel Aviv. In Europe fights interior ministry and other authorities a desperate fight to prevent radicalization of young Muslims. So it is not all over. The Interior Ministry in the Gaza stripn boast that they teach their children to love jihad and shahada.
It is not correct to call the Jews of monkeys and pigs, said a Christian Palestinian politician spring 2015. He said that because many Palestinians use this term – not the occupiers – but the Jews.
The Palestinian sheikh who spoke in Rafah on Friday 9 October spoke of war against the Jews – not against the occupiers. The sheik fanned himself with a knife during his speech, and encouraged to attack in groups of three, four and five.
– Dann stabbing groups. They do not want an individual knife sticking. O young men in the West Bank: Attack in three and four. Someone must keep the victim, while others are attacking him with axes and butcher knives, screaming sheikh.
Muhammad Sallah “Abu Rajab” wants his message to be spread to the whole world. He does not want Jews who have come from other countries to Israel to have any chance to leave the country. The only option they will get is slaughter and stabbing.
These are just a few examples of what Odd Karsten Tveit will not talk about. He chooses instead to lie to their own NRK colleague.

More from the report
Otherwise,  Tveit informed about a “grim mood” in Jerusalem.
What is the explanation for what’s happening now? asked the here and now presenter.
– Broadly speaking: As long as the occupation of Palestinian land goes on, it can not be peace here, intoned Tveit.
And propagandists are not afraid to repeat itself.
– As long as there is occupation, there will be nothing but violence, sooner or later, and perhaps a powerful wave of violence we face now.
Why never tells Tveit their listeners or readers that Israel repeatedly has come with an offer to end the occupation. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has told openly that he rejected a virtually full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank in the secret peace talks with Israel in 2007 and 2008.

Stavanger Aftenblad apparently dislikes how Palestinians are hacking Israelis to death, so they pretend it is all an Israeli exaggeration:

“Alleged” knife attack in Stavanger Aftenblad

– Seven [Palestinians] were killed when they allegedly attacked Israelis with knife, writes news editor Tommas Torgersen Skretting in Stavanger Aftenblad.
Conrad Myrland
10/13/2015 10:10 p.m.

Monday 12 October, Stavanger Aftenblad was challenged to write about the attacks in Israel in their live studio.
A reader who is presented with the first name Joachim wrote at 18.23:
“You could  at least write a full note of the recent attacks in Israel / Jerusalem today!”
Two minutes later the answer came from news editor Tommas Torgersen Skretting, and we reproduce the full notice he published in time 18.25:
“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises to fight for an end to what he calls the Palestinian knife-terror. 25 Palestinians have been shot and killed in the last twelve days, after a series of knife attacks that have cost four Israelis life.
Eight of the Palestinians killed were children, while seven were killed when they allegedly attacked Israelis with a knife. ”
Stavanger Aftenblad should clarify whether the murder and attempted murder with a knife with nationalistic, racist and religious motif towards families, children, women and men who are immersed in their daily activities is terror. Stavanger Aftenblad should also spend a few minutes to read international news agencies and watch films by the Palestinian knife attacks, so they do not have to write about something that “allegedly” has taken place.
According to a report from the Norwegian Marines Command is any attack with a knife within a radius of 6.8 meters is considered a deadly attack. The command also notes that the Swedish police bodyguard section considers any attack with a knife within 10 meters as a deadly attack.
The recommendation concludes: “Attacks with the knife is one of the attacks that are most difficult to defend against. This then such an attack involves high risk and often creates a high stress level in the person who is being attacked. “

Words fail me….

But Raphael Shutz has a clever way with words, below is a copy-paste from his letter to the Dagbladet Editor that was posted on the Embassy’s Facebook page (scroll down to find item, posted yesterday, October 13 at 5:04 PM:

Dear John Arne Markussen,
On October 12th your paper dedicated a full page to an interview with Susan Abulhawa on the occasion of her visit to Norway to promote her new book. Unfortunately by now I’m quite accustomed to her type of discourse, anti-Israeli propaganda, including shameless wide use of flagrant lies. Sadly enough I’m neither surprised anymore by the easiness this poisonous discourse is getting accesses to the media. Yet it was especially striking to observe how, even when you get an excellent opportunity to be professional, you manage to miss it: On the same days Abulhawa visited Norway so did Israeli investigative journalist and writer Ben-Dror Yemini and with the same purpose – to launch and promote the translation into Norwegian of his book “The Industry of Lies”. The book deals with the systematic anti-Israeli campaign supported by highly detailed data-related, factual based work. The most basic professional, fair and obvious thing to do in such a lucky coincidence would have been to give the same room also to Yemini’s voice.
You did not. Contrary to your declared professional values and your supposed commitment to pluralism and free speech, you decided to silence Yemini’s voice and not give him and his facts the stage you so generously gave Abulhawa and her lies. In the interview she was described as a writer-activist. Unfortunately (again), I’m afraid that in your paper there also seem to exist a mix between journalism and activism which in a way puts the facts and the professional principles in a minor place, subject to ill-conceived dogma, stereotypes and prejudice.
Ambassador Raphael Schutz


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  1. Herbie
    October 16, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Just sickening. The real problem in Norway is that there is not any counter press just bloggers like you

  2. motti
    October 20, 2015 at 5:49 am

    Herbie, your statement concerning the lack of counter press hits the button spot on. I am sure that if a more centre-right media group attempted to start operations in Norway, they would not be allowed to even start.

    I have been mentioning this for a long time, which is a mjor reason why I do not consider Norway a true democracy. Free pseech is all very well and can be taken for granted. Allegations, true or otherwise, misrepresentation of facts, malicious lies, witholding of facts is all very well. However, when there is no chance of ordinary peoiple actually learning the truth, because those who are able to clarify the situation are denied entry or forbidden to speak at meetings etc, then something is sewriously wrong. That is the case with Norway, which is why the hard-left Nazis have such a fields day with Israel. They would never dream of attacking their real nemsis, the USA.

    Incidentally, you might find the Debkafile of real interest. It is obvious the the State Dept and Kerry came out openly with no regard for Israel is payback time for the Arabist Obama.
    You might find interesting the statements regarding Russia and Israel combining together for flights over Syria to stop “accidents.”

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