Dagbladets bizarre defence of Palestinians who murder Jews

It beggars belief, but this is how Dagbladet chooses to cover the blind violence and deadly terror, disgusting lies, incitement to murder Jews.

In stead of interviewing people who could condemn acts of violence against random civilians in going about their daily life in Israel, they once more prefer to portray the victim as the perpetrator, giving prominent space to certified Israel hater professor of history at the University of Oslo, Hilde Henriksen Waage

If they think they can do better, why they dont come over here and act as bodyguards, lets see how many knifings, car rammings, stonings, pipe bombs, they are prepared to tolerate standing with their hands in their pockets.

Shameless and immoral, thats what they are!

No prices for detecting the distortions and lies presented in the article…

lifted from dagbladet.no, google translate

– Sensational that they can just kill Palestinian youths who stab Israelis
40 Palestinians killed so far in October.

(Dagbladet): There is a wave of violence unequaled in the Israeli occupied territories in the West Bank.
Today, three Palestinians, two of them 16 years old – the third 18 – been shot and killed. Apparently after trying to stab Israelis. 18-year-old was shot by a civilian settler who was not injured by the alleged knife experiment.
40 Palestinians, including several children, have been killed by Israeli security forces and civilians since the start of October. Several hundred others are wounded in clashes. Seven Israelis were killed and dozens wounded in a series of attacks carried out by Palestinian assailants, mostly with knives, according to the NTB.

The situation is very tense in the West Bank and in Jerusalem between Israelis and Palestinians. As the Palestinians’ anger has increased, there have been very many cases of assault with knife.
In an Israeli settlement in the occupied city of Hebron, a Palestinian yesterday shot and killed by soldiers. The man was dressed as a journalist and is alleged to  have tried to attack a soldier with a with knife. The many incidents where alleged attacks people have been shot and killed on the spot, worries Professor of History at the University of Oslo (UiO), Hilde Waage.
– In a democratic state like Israel holds itself to be, it’s mildly put, shocking that nobody is prepared to discuss whether it is correct to shoot and kill Palestinian youths who attack Israelis with knives, Waage says to Dagbladet.
– As it is now, it is completely legitimized by the government and the majority of the population that one should shoot to kill. The number of casualties on each side speaks for itself, with 40 Palestinians killed and seven killed Israelis, she says.
She adds that she considers knife attacks as terrorism and blind violence, but that it still can not be accepted that murder is the punishment.
– Everyone should be arrested, imprisoned have their day in court, she says.
Hebron is one of the most vulnerable places. Israel occupied Hebron during the Six Day War in 1967 and the following year sent a group of settlers settled in the city center. More than 500 Israeli settlers live today in the center of Hebron, guarded by Israeli soldiers and surrounded by about 170 000 Palestinians, type NTB.
Settlers’ presence in Hebron has always been a constant source of conflict, and from several quarters in Israel has long been advocated to evict them by force.
Henriksen Waage describes a large number of Palestinians who are now very angry and frustrated. Earlier this week, she described how the conflict now – with a violent hatred from both sides – had clear similarities to the previous intifada. Intifada is the two Palestinian uprisings that started in respectively 1987 and 2000.
– There are lots of angry youths. They have never experienced or been involved in an intifada. Then it was suicide bombs, explosives, weapons and planned actions. Now it is an arbitrary rage, which has large spillover effect on social media. It is more difficult to protect themselves against this. It also explains something about why there is a lot of knife attacks. In most homes there are a kitchen knife or something you can fashion and shape as a knife, she says.
International reactions
US President Barack Obama today expressed concern over the increasing violence.
– We are deeply concerned over this violence outbreak. It is important that both Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Abbas and others in position of power are trying to curb rhetoric that could fuel more violence, anger and confusion, says Obama.
He is now considering sending Secretary of State John Kerry to calm things down. Professor Henriksen Waage is however critical of the lack of awareness of the Palestinian situation.
– Nobody talks about their safety, she says.
At the same time, she sees no political solution to the current situation.
– The international community led by the US has given up all attempts at negotiation. There is a lot of frustration, and there was no political solution to the conflict. USA Obama has had his fingers on his Israel policy, and is unlikely to even want to touch this with a 10 foot pole, says Henriksen Waage to Dagbladet.


miff.no has also covered this story and has provided the following insight into standard Norwegian procedures, complete with a recommendation from the Public Prosecutor on how to deal with similar scenarios in Norway. Excerpts (google translate – you can follow the MIFF link to see the relevant links to the Public Prosecutor they have provided):

A document from the Public Prosecutor on 31 March 2006 provides answers.
First we quote how Norwegian and Swedish forces considering knife men mortal threat.
“According to Thomas Lorvik at the Police Academy, a person with a knife very rapidly becomes a deadly threat if he does initiates and attack and stabs a person. A person, who is less than 10 meters away, can approach as person and initiate an attack in a very short time and inflict serious bodily harm. According to a report from Marine Command, any attack with a knife within a radius of 6-8 meters is considered a deadly attack. The command also notes that the Swedish police bodyguard section considers any attack with a knife within 10 meters as a deadly attack. The report concludes: “Attacks with the knife is one of the attacks that are most difficult to defend against. This is a kind of attack involves high risk and often creates a high stress level in the person who is being attacked. “”
The Public Prosecutor considers a case in which a Norwegian police officer shot and killed a knife man before he was stabbed.
“A, the [attacker] did not heed warnings. The distance between A and P1 [policeman] was then probably about 5-10m. A lunged with raised ax toward P1, and moved quickly towards him. The Prosecutor finds that the distance may have been down 4-5 meters when A made a throwing motion with the ax. Police inspector P1 then aimed his service weapon against As abdomen and fired two shots in quick succession. The first shot hit the left side of the chest at A and damaged vital body parts and was instantly fatal. He was pronounced dead at. 15.59. The second shot hit a window list. ”
The public Prosecutor writes:
“Before an officer makes use of weapons he shall – as far as is possible -” by clear shouts encourage that person to comply with his orders and also give warning that arms will be used to carry out the order “, ref. Instructions § 20 first paragraph, second and third sentence. The officer must also declare that he is acting in his capacity as a policeman. This was done in this case the police officer P1 cried, “armed police”, “arrest, it is the police,” “lie down” or something similar. If the suspect does not heed the warnings, then warning shots shall be made, cf. § 20, second paragraph, provided the circumstances warrant it. The point of warning shots is that the suspect should be adjusted to the reality and threatened to give up. In some cases, only the situation so acute that the firing of warning shots is not possible or advisable. [MIFF italics] ”

Shooting prevents loss of life
The Arms Code for the Norwegian police states:
” firearms may used only a) when the policeman himself or others are threatened with weapons or other serious violence applies and use of arms appears necessary to prevent loss of life or serious injury.”
The Public Prosecuter writes:
“Based on the text of the Arms Code, it must be assumed that a reasonable likelihood that the threat will materialize in an attack, is sufficient. It is a matter of concrete evaluation whether such a such a danger is present. The nature of the situation, the suspects’ mental state, the evolution of the situation until then and if the police have the ability to immediately react to the outcome of the perpetrator, will be central to the assessment. ”
The Public Prosecutor’s conclusion is clear:
“With the short distance that was between P1 and A together with its threatening behavior and armament, one cannot criticise the police officer  for his shot at the largest surface of the body to be sure to hit. Either way, the Attorney General does not believe that the firing of the shots in the current situation in the specified manner is punishable. The Prosecutor maintains the findings if the Special Investigations Unit, where the case against the police officers P1 and P2 were dismissed in relation to the Penal Code § 229, cf. § 232, § 239 and § 325 no. 1, because no offense is considered proven. For the sake of clarity,  that in the Attorney General’s opinion there has been no information forthcoming which makes it necessary to react with penalties against police district. ”

MIFF concludes: In other words: In Norway, police is free to shoot and kill an attacker before any imminent attack. Israel is criticised by a Norwegian professor, if they shoot and kill the attacker after the attacker has started stabbing.


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  1. motti
    October 20, 2015 at 5:58 am

    The article about the Arab allegedly trying to stab an Israeli soldier while having a News media vest is quite ridiculous. Will someone please ask the drekk who wrote this, when is it alleged or factual when the Israeli soldier is lying flat on his back, with the Arab sitting on him while holding the knife up high to stab the soldier? Was the photo never shown in the Norwegian media? Somehow, I doubt it, as this would place the poor psychopathic hate filled Arab in a poor light.

    There is a war behind the scenes and for the international media to portray these people as lopne wolves is quite misleading. Abbas has praised the blood letting of Jews in addition to the lies regarding his claim that Israel wants to take full possession of the Temple Mount. Behind the scenes, according to the Debka file, competition between two sets of parties in ponsoring and combatting the troubles is in operation. See debka.com/article/24957Saudies-and-Iran-vie-in-cash-tug-‘o-war-behind-Palestinian-terror-US-sidelines. very interesting for those Norwegians who wish to set the facts straight.

  2. motti
    October 21, 2015 at 5:33 am

    Prof, I have just scanned and emailed a photo from the Daily Express in England. It shows the Arab about to plunge the knife into soldier who is seen sprawled on the ground, with his weapon beside him. The psychopath is then shot dead by yhe other soldier coming to his colleagues rescue. The Arab is seen wearing the newsmedia HiVis over him.

    Now I wonder which journalist gave this item to him?
    Maybe those who allege the stabbing might want proof.

    Please use accordingly, I wonder if this was also shown in the US media, probably only Fox would do this. Hopefully, I am wrong

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