Meanwhile… in Norway

While Israelis are being stabbed, shot, rammed down, threatened with genocide, the Norwegian unions and the Norwegian Seaman’s church in Narvik put on the show for the Palestinian cause this coming Wednesday (18/11/15). Although the event was announced before this weekend’s atrocities, they have yet to say that perhaps this is not the time to glorify murderers and terrorists.

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MIFF »Norway and Israel»

Fagforbundet opens church doors for the intifada

Wednesday, November 18 organizes Norway’s union a meeting in the Seamen’s Church in Narvik. The meeting is in cooperation with the Palestine Committee in Narvik.
It is nothing new that the Union cooperates with Palestine Committee. it is also not news that some priests and bishops keeps church doors open for organizations that annually invests millions in the fight against the world’s only Jewish state.
But this time is the title of one of the speeches of unusual poor taste. A Palestinian from Gaza will speak under the heading “My name is intifada”.
According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem were 6,371 Palestinians and 1,083 Israelis  killed in the first decade after the second intifada that began in autumn 2000. In the first intifada of 1987, tens of Israelis and hundreds of Palestinians were killed.
My name is intifada? What kind of death cult is the Norway’s biggest trade union has made sure to get into the Seamen’s church?
Fagforbundet is working for a full international trade boycott of the world’s only Jewish state. The National Board believed this was “too radical,” but it was passed with an “overwhelming majority” at the TUC in 2013.

This impressive display of poor taste is perhaps only superseded by some unfiltered trash that came out of Trine Skei Grande’s mouth. Grande is the leader of the Norwegian LibDem (maybe she is a secret admirer of the now shamed baroness Tonge). Grande was displaying her considerable lack of coherent thinking, if not regular and common Israel hate, just three days after the terror that struck Paris:

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Grandes grandiose idea
Has Trine Skei Grande found the solution for Israel?
Conrad Myrland

Liberal leader Trine Skei Grande was on Monday, November 16 interviewed by VG TV. Where she argues against several commentators who advocate for better monitoring and more intelligence in the fight against Islamist terrorism.
“To say that only we are monitoring and only we use guns, so we’re going to get rid of it … Yes, there are countries play that game. One of them is called Israel. It has always used the method to achieve its security, and it has become more and more unsafe. Because this trigger mechanisms in a society that recruits to such environments, because it triggers mechanisms in the international community that makes “why should we stand up for human rights, who are so willing to break them so easily.” I would warn against anyone who has simple answers to these complex issues, “said Grande.
For a grandiose idea! Here is the solution. Israeli security forces must stop carrying weapons, then it will be safe! Then the Palestinian knife terrorists may complete their important project without any interference.
Irony aside. Liberal party leader is wrong. Security for Israelis has gotten better and better over the last many years.
Initially, 1 per cent of Israel’s Jewish population – over 6,000 – were killed in the War of Independence in 1948. The enemy was inflamed by the same Islamist rallying cry sounded in the streets of Paris on Friday 13 November.
From 1951 to 1987 average of 30 Israelis killed every year in various infiltration attacks (fedayeen attacks). In the same period, over five thousand Israelis killed in the major wars between 1957-1973. This equates to over 300 annual fatalities over a period of 17 years.
In the 1980s and 1990s, over 1,300 Israelis killed in conflict with guerrillas in Lebanon.
Through all these years, Israel has stepped up surveillance and reserved the right to use weapons.
Under suicide terror wave in the 1990s ranged Israeli death toll from a peak of 75 in 1996 to 4 in 1999. During the second intifada were 419 Israelis killed in the most violent year 2012. Since then, the number of killed sharply year by year. Even when taking the death toll from the Lebanon War in 2006 and the recent years of wars in the Gaza Strip in the calculation, the Israeli security – measured as the number killed in wars and conflicts – has improved substantially over the modern state’s lifetime.
And there are more errors in Grandes statement. Israel does not believe that they can get rid of Islamist violence with surveillance and weapons. But they know that this is effective methods to limit and fight it.
Imagine if there were any weapons in Bataclan that could shoot back against terrorists in Paris? Imagine if there was someone in the street restaurants who had weapons and who could stop terrorists early in his massacre?
A large amount of these massacres have been stopped early in Israel because they “play this game.”

5 comments for “Meanwhile… in Norway

  1. motti
    November 18, 2015 at 3:15 am

    Very sad to learn these neoNazis were allowed to hold the hate meeting in the Seamans’ Church. The church has two places of worship in Israel, Haifa, where my wife and I were invited in1973 before the war for erev Shabbat and Ashdod.

    The late Per Faye Hansen, who is named as a Righteous Gentle at Yad VaShem must be turning inhis grave. Shame upon the Seamans Church, they will better off holding their churches in Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait, or Aqaba where they are sure to be made welcome.

  2. motti
    November 19, 2015 at 3:30 am

    Yes Herbie, I saw her filmed addressing a huge conference in London concerning the BDS movement. Her speech was reminiscent of the one that the late Golda Meir gave at the Socialist International conference in London in the aftermath of theYom Kippur War. She also shamed her “socialist friends” none of whom took to the floor ro responde to her questions.

    The EU is renowned for its anti-Israel stance, because of its hate but also because of the trade with the black gold wealthy Arab oil producing nations. This is why Europe has been committing suicide all these years. What one sows, one reaps.

  3. motti
    November 19, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Herbie, for some reason, I can use one secreen for 38 seconds, the other secreen offering the full speech is not working. Unsure why. am sure, knowing that Caroline Glick is pushing her arguement that it will be powerful

    Herbie, I did not think that a boycott is legal uinder WTO rules in any case. so how is the EU able to get away with murder?

  4. Herbie
    November 19, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    You get away with what you let them. I thought most of her suggestions were brilliant.

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