Dagbladet is more worried about stone throwing Palestinian dolls than murdered Israelis

Much of the Christmas and New Years celebrations from a news perspective in Norway were dominated by severe flooding, storms and some skiing competition where a particular Norwegian athlete won, or didn’t win, or ran away from the event, or whatever.

Nevertheless, there was place – obviously – for some Israel bashing, even if only moderate efforts were put into it.

Dagbladet got hold of the story how the Israeli Foreign Ministry is distributing seized stone throwing Palestinian dolls, on their way to gladden the heart of Palestinian children (or incitement, depending on your point of view), among diplomatic stations around the world. An outrage if we are to believe Dagbladet’s choice of commentator, the leader of the Pal Com!

Its almost too fantastic to be true! Rather than being concerned about what such dolls might do to fragile children’s minds (because if somebody distributed anything like this in Norway, particularly if it could be construed to be against immigrants, then all hell would break loose), they seem more concerned that Palestinian children who do attack,murder or maim Israelis more often than not end up dead.

lifted from dagbladet.no, google translate

Israel sends rock- throwing Palestinian dolls to embassies worldwide
Embassy in Oslo: – We are going to use them to make Norwegians more aware of violence and provocations.
Thursday 24 December 2015, kl.13: 41
(Dagbladet): In early December, a shipment from the United Arab Emirates was seized at the port of Haifa.

The package contained 4,000 Palestinian identical dolls, writes The Guardian. They were wearing traditional Palestinian clothes with a black and white keffiyeh wrapped around his head. On the t-shirt were the words “Jerusalem is ours” and “Jerusalem, here we come” in Arabic. In his hand holding the doll a rock.

– Poisoning innocent children’s minds
The Israeli government believes the dolls were intended as a means of instigating Palestinian children.

– These dolls were headed to the Palestinian Authority with a clear purpose, and that was to poison the minds of innocent children, said Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely after found, according to The Guardian.

She also stated that Palestinians use any means they find necessary to teach the youth violence and hatred.

It is still not clear to whom the box with dolls were intended.

The Israeli embassy in Oslo has received a letter
After the discovery, a directive from the Foreign Ministry in Israel has been sent to its diplomatic stations.

The letter states that several dolls are going to be sent to Israel embassies around the world to show countries that are sponsoring the Palestinian areas that before achieving dramatic changes in the Palestinian education system it will not be possible to enter into a dialogue with the Palestinians.

Israeli Embassy in Oslo has received a letter from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

– We have received information that we’re going to get a doll, but we have not received it yet, said deputy station commander Dan Poraz told Dagbladet.

Israel’s ambassador to Finland, Dan Ashbel, has refused to meet the requirements of the Foreign Ministry.

According to Algemeiner he believes that it is against the law to give away seized contraband.

Poraz says that the embassy in Oslo relate to the guidelines they receive from the Foreign Ministry in Israel. They often receive things from home, including YouTube clips, newspapers and speeches made by imams and Palestinian political leaders.

– Awareness
What embassy in Oslo to do with the doll when they receive it, is not clear.

– We have not decided yet. We are going to use it so that Norwegians will become more conscious of provocations and violence Israelis face, says Poraz.

Head of the Palestine Committee, Kathrine Jensen, responding to the doll planned to be used for this purpose.

– It is indeed Israel, who basically as an occupier is responsible for provocations . The situation is that Israel deprives Palestinians land and rights. Jerusalem is annexed, contrary to international law and Palestinians are harassed daily, she says.

Jensen has not heard about the dolls before Dagbladet contact, and find it difficult to comment on the case when neither the recipient or sender is known.

Many attacks
Since October 1st it has been almost daily attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers in the occupied territories. About 20 Israelis and 120 Palestinians have been killed.

Many of the Palestinians, many of them children, are killed while they attacked the Israelis with knife.

– There have been a number of attacks, and Norwegian media are good at covering it. What does not come forward are the numerous attacks against Palestinians. It is equally serious about attacking someone with bullets and tear grenades or knife, says Jensen told Dagbladet.