Norwegian media’s schizophrenic take on the current wave of violence in Israel

Below are two poorly translated (thats me and the time thieves again….) from the NRK program Urix and Aftenposten respectively.

Note how they report fairly opposite facts on the same round of violence. However, both are singing form the same hymn sheet when it comes to silencing relevant facts such as rampant incitement of Palestinian youth and children. How stupid do they think Norwegian readers are, that they are not updated on the perverse ways of the PA, the Fatah and the Hamas who either directly, or indirectly enjoy the monetary support of Norwegian tax payers, to poison the minds of hundreds of thousands of children (would this not be against several of the articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?)?

Are they trying to attract attention away from the immigrant sex attack fracas in Cologne, now followed up by extremely ugly and distasteful counterdemonstrations by angry angry angry German right wingers?

first the NRK Urix piece:

The terror Israel does not manage to halt
A wave of violence and murder flares through Israel. People with Palestinian background use cars, guns or knifes to attack Israelis. Israel’s answer is harsh and deadly – but they cant manage to stop the new type of attack.

Vegard Tjørhom

Urix explains
The wave of violence has been dubbed the “knife intifada and started slowly in September, before picking up speed in October. As late as today two more persons were attacked Israeli soldiers. The attackers paid with their lives.

The Israeli army, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), says that since September, 159 attacks have been perpetrated by Palestinian. 100 of these are stab wounds, 37 are using firearms and 22  attacks have been perpetrated with cars  as assault weapons. A little over twenty Israelis all in all have been killed (whats that? a little over? cant they even bring themselves to cite the exact number of Israeli victims? Times of Israel reports AT LEAST 25 victims among Israelis, and 142 Palestinians, 7 less than the number the PA shares with the world)
On the Palestinian side, Palestinian health authorities estimate that 149 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the same period, according to the CNN.
Attackers target soldiers
The reason for the attacks mainly Palestinian dissatisfaction with Israel’s occupation, and the battle over the Temple Height, a holy place for both JJews and Muslims.
The attackers target Israeli soldiers. It is often young Palestinians who attack, and they know that they probably doing going to die for this. Nevertheless, they do.
– These young people are not afraid to die at all . Theyare fully aware that the chance of getting killed is great says Amos Harel, who is a military analyst in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz.
– Symbolic safeguard measures
Israel has also previously experienced cycles of violence, but the new form of terrorism, a person who operates on his own, without any warning, turns out to be harder to stop and have created much horror.

Israel has introduced comprehensive safeguard measures lately, and Palestinians are constantly checked for weapons and asked to show identification papers. Yet there are many who feel vulnerable.

– the Safeguard measures are quite symbolic in and of themselves. It has more to do with creating a of  feeling of security, rather than security in itself, believes Amos Harel.
Earlier, Israel has found more or less effective ways to stop the violence Waves. During the second intifada at the beginning of 2000s there were several suicide bombers attacking buses and cafés.
The knife intifada continues
Israel built a wall that the Palestinians call Apartheid Wall, but also lead to a sharp reduction of suicide bomb.
Also when the armed Palestinian group Hamas fired many rockets from the Gaza Strip last year, Israel managed to halt most of the attacks by help of the missile shield Iron Dome.
But in addition, Israel launched series of attacks against targets in the Gaza Strip, something that resulted in over 2,200 killed on the Palestinian side and over 70 killed on the Israeli side.
But the new Waves of attacks happen on home turf, inside Israel. And in order to stop it, Israel would have to implement such extensive and discriminatory measures that it would hardly be realistic.
For desperate, violent Palestinans show no signs of ending the knife intifada any time soon.

Here is the one from Aftenposten. Note that while they have gone to great lengths to identify the perpetrator, there is no mention of the Israeli victim, not even as a statistical number.

Palestinian girls  behind several of knife attacks against Israelis

Almost every sixth attacker is a girl or a young woman. The youngest was just 14 years.
20 year old Palestinian Maram was one of an increasing number of girls and young women participating in the Palestinian uprising.
She had a burning need to resist the Israeli occupation in one way or another, says Ramiz Hassouneh, father of 20-year-old, the news agency said.
She is not alone. According to the Israeli authorities have 22 of the 152 attacks recorded since September 2015, been performed by girls and young women. The presence of this group during the current uprising has been evident in both demonstrations and clashes with the Israeli military.

Changed woman role
The mother of Maram, Hanan Hasson, (45), holds a picture of her daughter. In Arabic reads “martyr-hero Maram Hassouneh, stabbing operation on Anab checkpoint.” Majdi Mohammed
Ramiz Hassouneh going ahead have been more worried about her daughter than three sons. She had already served six months in jail for a previous unsuccessful knife attack. She was a top student in English and was, according to his father an independent thinker who could not be persuaded to anything she would not.
– There are some changes on the way throughout Palestinian society that revolves around the patriarchal structures deteriorate, says social anthropologist Dag Henrik Tuastad working in the Middle East at the Institute of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages ​​at the University of Oslo.
He says that among other things has meant that the birth rate has fallen dramatically over the last couple of years. One effect of the increased participation of women in the public sphere.
Can last long
Here she attacks the security guard with a knife
This video shows a Palestinian woman who goes up a knife from the bag and attacking a security guard. The Israeli military says that Palestinian woman was shot and wounded after the incident.
Associate professor of history, Marte Heian Engdal at the University of Oslo has noted the same trend, adding that it also can arouse even more anger and frustration when a woman is killed.
– It seems like a strong driving force for new attacks among other young men, she says.
Tuastad believes the apparent increased female participation is due to several factors and says it is a little too speculative to make a direct link between this and those who have completed knife attack.

More accessible
Israel and Palestine has been characterized by two former intifadas. The first – between 1987 – 1993 – had a greater public involvement and was not violent. The second – between 2000 – 2005 – was largely driven forward by militias.
The current insurgency has been compared with both. The first because it has a superior management, and the other because of the violence and female participation.
They lack arenas of being together and lacking job opportunities. It provides increased frustration – Dag Henrik Tuastad, social anthropologist
Tuastad still believes there is a significant difference from both, and it is the lone wolves as they are commonly called, which plays a major role in this uprising. Although the first being more accessible, the still more organized.
– Every city, every camp and every neighborhood had a local committee or group where activities were organized through, he said.
Heian Engdal says that Israeli intelligence now reviewing attacker as a “neo-Palestinian,” which they do not get the better of.
– They see no leadership, some kind of organization, they do not see any pattern. Concomitant use a weapon that everyone has provided, she says, and believe this type of attack is something that can last for several years.
Young population
Today’s rebellion is largely driven by frustrated youths. A generation that did not necessarily remember the bloody consequences of the previous one. The picture shows Palestinian girls in clashes with Israelis in the West Bank city of Hebron on October 13. MUSSA ISSA QAWASMA
Maram took a kitchen knife to an Israeli checkpoint and was shot and killed as she tried to attack a soldier, according to the Israeli military. Her father believes one reason the female participation in the attacks, is that women are more sensitive. He says that Maram was deeply troubled by the television images that showed all the young Palestinians who have been killed recently.
Tuastad think one can say the same about youth in general, adding that the young age of the majority of attackers are equally important to note. The Middle East youth share of the population increased and Tuastad talking about a lost generation.
– They lack arenas of being together and lacking job opportunities. It provides increased frustration, says social anthropologist.
– Knife Actions are also becoming a trend. People who already are suicidal may consider knife attack that method because they know that they will be killed if they are approaching a checkpoint, he adds.
Committing suicide is a sin in Islam, but to be a martyr, to die in battle, is romanticized, he adds.

23 comments for “Norwegian media’s schizophrenic take on the current wave of violence in Israel

  1. motti
    January 10, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Herbie, what has started in europe is following in the USA. At the time of 9/11, Bush entered a mosque to say that Muslims were not the enemy, as Islam is a religion of peace! Of course, with the houses of Bush and Saud, one should not have expected anything better.

    I hatre to say this,, but I do bel;ieve that Trump has a point. Afterall, who was responsible for 9/11? Or for that matter 7/7 in London? Where were the mass demonstrations by Muslims statingt heir loyalty and confirming their condemnations? There were none!

    The Muslims and their politically overcorrect leftwingers are mainl;y responsible for the Jew hate so prevalent in europe and the murders of ordinary people in europe and Israel.

    It now appears that the Israeli Arab terrorist responsible for the murder of ordinary Israelis in Tel Aviv was a member of the Islamic Jihad.

  2. Herbie
    January 10, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    I negotiated a deal with Trump many years ago. I thought he was very bright and focused on the result. I see no reason to change my view

  3. Eric R.
    January 11, 2016 at 2:26 am


    I would have preferred Cruz over Trump, but I think at this point, the Islamists of the world will give him the Presidency. Either of them is far preferable to Hillary.

    McG – I just got up this morning and heard that David Bowie has died. I grew up listening to him, and it is moments like this where I feel old.

  4. Eric R.
    January 11, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Can I ask the three of you a dumb question? The four of us are at the core of this blog forum. Any chance of a meet-up in New York, where 50% of us live ( or live close to)?

    Fares from London are not all that expensive (and Marty can stop on his way to that wild party land — North Dakota), and maybe McG can somehow combine this with business.

    Crazy idea, I know — but somebody has to suggest it.

  5. Herbie
    January 11, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Eric my concern with Cruz is that, like Obama, he lacks the ability to compromise

  6. Eric R.
    January 11, 2016 at 1:05 pm


    Why is that a problem? Let the Democrats compromise for a change.

  7. January 11, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    that sounds so sad… only 4 of us in this blog universe! Oy Vey! I think I need you to come and hold my hand here in Israel. Or anywhere. Im going to take a long swim in that whiskey bottle I have put away for difficult days. First Bowie and now this.

  8. de Bacle
    January 11, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    C’mon Prof., four at the core or more, you know I’m a solid fan. I read it all, also the shmoozes from the three musketeers in the core, but I need the stuff I don’t see. I only follow Aftenposten and the TV news (Urix turns my stomach).

    But I’ve become subdued and sad by the sheer mass of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic indoctrination that continue in the Norwegian media. There’s simply too much to comment.

    In Sweden it’s even worse last two years. it keeps bouncing back to cross “all time low” levels with their new simplynotuptoit FM compulsively bashing Israel but also the radio and TV ever finding new ways to indoctrinate and cover up what is essentially anti-Israel propaganda.
    The social democratic PM raged about the Paris tragedy with expressions as “monstruous murderers” “who have no regard for the value of human life” but is ice cold to the value Jewish lives and silent, signalling indifference, to the lack of regard from numerous fanatic palestinian sanctioned terrorists and authorities aiming for genocide of Jews. One can easily conclude he doesn’t understand Israel simply because he too does not, value Jewish life. This is the fundamental problem Israel has lived with – the enemy does not show any regard for the value of human life.

    The previous Swedish establishment, including government and journalists were abhorred at the Israel ambassador Zvi Mazel’s rage over the tribute, through a ridculous piece of art, paid to the suicide bomber that blew herself up in a restaurant full of families with children (Burger King or similar). Mazel was supposed to, invited by his hosts, walk through this “art” and not react to it. The discrepancy between the governments lack of understanding of ISraels reactions on the one hand and their rage over the PAris murderers is in itself blatantly anti-Semitic.

    This weekend the never tiring Swedish Israel bashing Middle East correspondent (with the new government backing her – more fierce than ever) gave Gideon Levy the Swedish Radio megaphone and made him out to be an intellectual brave Israeli journalist without granting the listeneres the fair chance to hear the truth of his to us well known lies and distorsions.

    Norway has slowed down its political aggression against Israel but it will pick up, for sure, when that low life Israel basher likely comes into power with the social democratic party. Sooner or later he will and then he will pick up the Wallstrom torch “to spread the light to Norway”.

    So, Prof, at least I am still here (!) and much appreciate your efforts. MIFF do a good job exposing some of the problematic Norway-Israel relations, but they mainly focus on news from Israel and they’re all in Norwegian only (and don’t really bother much about the Norwegian media steadfast missrepresentations).

    Thanks and a Happy New Year to all !

  9. Herbie
    January 11, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    A great idea!. Let’s get together for lunch or dinner. I am pretty much free all next week

  10. Eric R.
    January 11, 2016 at 5:14 pm


    Think of it this way — Marty, Herbie and I are your blog FAMILY. Think of it as a family gathering.

    To be fair, I have mentioned your blog a number of times at Israpundit and Algemeiner, but I think only one person has ever come over to post from the latter, and none from the former.

  11. Herbie
    January 11, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    The Q is not who writes, but how many read this blog

  12. Eric R.
    January 13, 2016 at 11:37 am


    That Islamonazi whore Wallstrom has given Israel plenty of reason to impose retaliatory measures against Sweden, including some of the following:

    a) Recall of the Israeli ambassador to Sweden

    b) Expulsion of the Swedish ambassador to Israel

    c) A complete break of diplomatic relations with Sweden.

    d) Expulsion of Swedish “journalists” and NGO workers.

    e) Outlawing of any Israeli government/defense contracts with Swedish companies.

    f) Suspension of direct flights between Israel and Sweden.

    Netanyahu has refused to do any of these. Look, the present government in Sweden is a Nazi government. We all know that. But Israel sits there and does nothing, as though she has a sign on her ass that says “Kick me.”

    If Israel wants to act as a doormat, she can expect to be stepped on.

  13. motti
    January 14, 2016 at 5:40 am

    De Bacle, it is possible to use various methods of translation with MIFF. I actually met Conrad Myrland when I was last in Norway, visiting family. My brother in law is a member of MIFF. Hallgrim Berg is a key supporter of Israel.

    i have no compassion at all towards those Israel hating countries (on various levels) who have opened their gates to the Islamic hordes sweeping all before it. These people will seek to destroy the cultures of whichever country they enter – including the Great Satan, the USA. So my /Yankee friends, don’t say that you’ve not been warned. The Muslims begin very softly and over time their demands and aggression become stronger.

    Wwhen I look at the map of the world, I see that the UK is between Israel, Norway and the U.S. Why not meet here, perhaps Dov might make it too, after all the choice of good ale, beer, bitter, pils, lager is immense here? Ask the prof, she’kll know.

    My wife and I plan on going to visit our daughter again from around mid June and I plan on seeing if there are direct flights to Memphis (never been there) and then onto Minot, N.D. In November, we plan on another visit to Eilat and willl probably stay there, except for a day at the Dead Sea. (hey you guys, my dear friends, have you been to Israel? You will not believe the changes there. Perhaps if our Israeli friends wish to escape the snow,I remember when Niagara froze over and the state of New York had complete blackouts. The temperature is around 30*c, nice and warm and so an American told, Eilat resembles Miami Beach, haven’t been there either, only the northern states from Maine to Washington

    Have it well all of you

    Before I left Israel in 1975, my wife visited me in June and she, being three months preganant with our first daughter was advised not to visit eilat due to the 40*c+ heat. She did. Since then, I had been a couple of times and marvelled at the sheer growth of the town, a winter paradise. I used to call Eilat the asshole of Israel. Not anymore. When my wife saw it this time, it was totally unrecognisable.
    The local Israel tourist office has information in different languages in flagged boxes on the wall. Hardly any Norwegians , Swedes, British arrive there anymore. however, plenty of Danes still visit. Actually MIFF has organised its yearly travel holiday there organsied by them.

    Eric I do agree with you. The only answer to these evil Israel hating countries is to drop all diplomacy with them. Just think of the money saved and then Israel can keep the proposed consulates that she plans on closing in the USA and other countries. It is a complete waste of energy, money etc expounding on the necessity of retaining contacts. The future is China, Inda, Korea etc, not Europe, which is the largest Jewish burial ground in the world. One hopefully soon, Israel will grow up to the facts on the ground thta it cannot win hearts from people that hate us.

  14. de Bacle
    January 14, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Funny, my despair of the Swedish FM the other day was just two days before she got it to a new bottom lpow – now she is officially barred from visiting Israel. Un-f-n belieavable. The FM is suppoosed to attempt to establish solid relations with other countries not thrash them.

    Also, in december she charged ISrael with “deliberately misunderstanding what she intended” about her charges of Extrajudicial killings.
    Now, january 13, she explicitly charges Israel with what she charged ISrael to have deliberately misunderstood….

    So Bibi, take her seriously ? It’s a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Please don’t beleive this is the intellectual level in Scandinavia. We have a few incompetent morons at the top, granted. Sooner or later this seems unavoidable in most countries. The former Swedish PM Goran Persson, same party, treated her like an imbecil.
    I’ve seen a few in the Knesset too, though. A former PM crawls in behind bars… So please, this is not Scandinavia, this is just a temporary insanity at the top. Oy vey.
    I’ve heard one analysis that proposes (defending her honor and sanity ?) she she wants to secure a Swedish election to the UN security council by getting the arab votes. Maybe, but she recently offended Saudi Arabia (and also offered them “gender equality courses” – not as a joke – it was intended as a serious offer….).

    Pray for us.


  15. Eric R.
    January 15, 2016 at 2:46 am

    “Please don’t believe this is the intellectual level in Scandinavia. We have a few incompetent morons at the top, granted. Sooner or later this seems unavoidable in most countries. The former Swedish PM Goran Persson, same party, treated her like an imbecil(e).

    I’ve seen a few in the Knesset too, though. A former PM crawls in behind bars… So please, this is not Scandinavia, this is just a temporary insanity at the top. Oy vey.”

    The Swedish people are responsible for putting these Marxo-Nazis in power. It is a reflection of the idiocy of the Swedish people, just like our “low-information” (i.e. – ignorant minority) voters and brain-dead leftist white voters, that put that Islamo-Marxo-Nazi Obama in the White House, show how stupid American voters have become. If the Swedish people so hate these leftists, why have they dominated your politics for the last 100 years?

    Besides, if Wallstrom is such an idiot, why doesn’t the Prime Minister shuffle the cabinet and replace her? If it is absolutely necessary to have a vagina in the Foreign Minister’s slot, surely there is another woman he can name to the post? Or are they all as moronic and Jew-hating as Frau Wallstrom?

  16. motti
    January 15, 2016 at 4:50 am

    de Bacle, you need more than prayers. Most of Scandinavia needs a squib inserted into a place where the sun never shines.
    I just consider both Norway and Sweden to be totally amoral and ignorant of real life. It really is time for Bibi to order his foreign minister to cut diplomatic niceties with both countries. It will not be before time. As the two countries are quite hostile offically, it would suit Israel not to exchange valuable intelligence and to ensure that whch is given to other countries remains out of bound for both of these despotic countries. They don’t wish to purchase Israeli armaments or export them to Israel,so let it include top secret intelligence as well. Israel will not be the loser, only the arse holes in Oslo and Stockholm. Afterall the way way life is going in both countriies, SAS will relocate its head quarters to Saudi Arabia and the Home Offices relocated to Ramallah. By he way de Bacle, in the churches are the terms, Israel, Zion, Mt Zion Jerusalem being erased from the prayer books to be replaced with Arabic terms e.g. Al Quds for J’lem?

  17. Eric R.
    January 15, 2016 at 11:33 am


    “It really is time for Bibi to order his foreign minister to cut diplomatic niceties with both countries”

    Uh, you DO realize that Bibi doubles as Foreign Minister, do you not?

  18. motti
    January 18, 2016 at 4:55 am

    Yes Eric, and that is the problem with Bibi. I used to do security in London for events covering visits by high ranking Israelis such as Begin, Dayan, Argov, Sharon and yes, even Bibi.
    He was very good as a spokeman when he was firstI agreed with what he had to say to /congress was probably correct, he made a huge mistake in alienating many decent Americans. He after all retaliated against Obama, who has shown him such disrespect in the past, forgetting that Obama was still President. Most Americans, I believe,might dislike Obama intensely, however, he is still the President of the USA.
    I was on Facetime last night with a very old friend from ND who has retired in Arizona. She is a Catholic, passionately pro American, she retired from the military as a teacher, she supports democracy, and is very pro Israel. She said that Obama has made many mnistakes, but, one should not insult the president in public. I suppose that I must agree with her on this point.
    As a matter of interest, she is the sister of the Brown Shoe Navy guy whom I met at the Sigonally air Naval Station in Sigonella, Sicily. He worked fro the media and news section as reported and camaera man. I presented my official ID card and this fellow heard me spoke and said, “Oh Jesus, not a goddam Limey,” iwith a smile on his face. I replied, “Yep,!” answer, “Oh man two things in this life I cannot stand arere Limeys and Jews,” again with a smile on his face. I then said”You have me correct on both points.” Well, his smile disappeared and big apologies etc, this was only hum,pour etc. and wanted to buy me a drink, saying that he had never knowingly even met a Jewish person in his life. Well, we met at the NCO club later and we did did hit it off, and he was very interested in my being Jewish, what life was like as a Jew., asking questions abouit Judaism and Israel. We met up later on in London whe he would stay overnight as part of R&R. Many guys I befriended were put up at my parents flat, even when I was not there. It turned out that Bill was a thoroughly decent bloke and said that his humour had gotten him into trouble a few times. My late father actually callede him a toff, a cockney expression for a gentleman. When I went to Canada, we wre to have met up again and the last I had heard that he was in ‘Nam. I replied to his letter asking hm if he would be anyywhere near Toronto where I was living at the time. Next I received an official letter from the naval board explaining that Bill was no longer in the navy. I wrote to his parents asking whether hehad reired early, as he was very friendly with a girl in the Philippines, I believe. The father confirmed that Bill’s aircraft had crashed in VietNam killing all on board.
    My father and sister came over and I had decided to drive to Bellingham, Wash, as a surprise visit for my late father whose late sister had married a G.I. shortly after the war. On the way back, we met Bill’s parents and the whole family. They could not do enough for us and they were so grateful or the way my family treated their lost son. This was in 1968 and our friendship has continued all this time, as the sister (she has two others) was also stationed in the UK and we would stay overnight at each others houses.

    I know this is nothing to do with the subject at hand, however, I thought it might interest you.

    It is apity that, as a Herut supporter, I no longer have confidence in Bibi’s advisers and question the advice he is being given. In addition, no one person whould remain as head of a country longer than two terms. We have seen Blair and Thatcher in office for three and they were discredited, especially the former who is absolutely hated by even his own party.

    Finally, I agree, I failk to see what is in Israel’s interest to retain diplomacy with countries that seek the downfall of Israel and continue officially to demonise Israel and become allies with Arab terrorist organisations. If only Israel had the diplomatic guts to do this. Sweden and Norway both obtain more reward having diplomacy with Israel than Israel receieve in return. Treat obnoxious people with the same contempt they show you.

  19. motti
    January 18, 2016 at 4:59 am

    Prof, just read an article in the paper. “One of us:The Story of Anders Breivik by Aasbe Seierstad. The critic has penned the following; In July 2011 Anders b?reivik killed 77 people at a Norwegian summer camp. Books about serial killers are often trashy, elevating the murderer to anti-hero while marginilising his victims. This is an exception-scrupulously researched and fulll of haunting detail, it even includes passage about Breivik’s behaviour in the womb, when his mother believed he was kicking her on purpose.”
    Looks as if though he shares the same mentality as his mother

  20. motti
    January 19, 2016 at 4:50 am

    Eric, all funding of Israeli hating NGOs’ in Israel should be halted as well

    de Bacle, the corruption in Israeli politics is, sadly and shamefully the same as other countries. Ben Gurion wanted Israel to be like othger countries. not I. I want Israel to have higher moral standings as befits the Jewish people. Even more shamefully has been the effect of witnerssing religious Jewish MPs released from jail and allowed straight back into politics. This is heresy

  21. Eric R.
    January 20, 2016 at 4:27 pm


    All I can say is that you have led a far more interesting life than me.

  22. motti
    January 22, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Eric, I am sure that you have had a very eventful life, too

    I just wanted to travel and see a little of the world. Of course, these days, it is much easier, unless one wants to go to an Islamiostland and that has not changed for the Jews, has it? I have two ro three letters from Menahem Begin* which I treasure. One from Moshe dayan a reply to my criticism of his policies.

    I ran a group of 50 khaverim starkers* in addition to the organisers security people when MD came to talk to the Jewish community.

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