Heinous murders of Jews in their homes not newsworthy in Norway

I’ve scoured all the newspapers and blogs that naturally would cover events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict¬†and who faithfully report every tiny hair that might have been plucked off a Palestinian’s head (rightfully or not) and came up with EXACTLY NOTHING¬†regarding the horrendous and grisly murder of Dafna Meir in her own home in front of her own children.

How odd, especially if compared to any death of a Palestinian (unless said death tragic result of home made bomb blowing up literally in their face, then apparently its not as important to notify the world of tragic mishap), its PLASTERED all over the news, ambassadors and FMs line up with grave faces and stern warnings for Israel to pull up its socks…

1 comment for “Heinous murders of Jews in their homes not newsworthy in Norway

  1. motti
    January 19, 2016 at 4:42 am

    Murdered Jews are classed as a natural phenomena in Norway and Sweden.
    That is why 6 million brutally murdered by the Nazis set the modern record straight.

    Prof, are you really surprised? This is why Israel needs to cancel all diplomatic effortsd with the Scandinavian Fascists/Nazis.

    Remember the Donnau!!!!!!!!

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