Norwegian YMCA-YWCA affiliated college student refuses to buy Israeli fruit because its Israeli. In Israel…

Brilliant evidence of the anti-Israel brainwashing that goes on at YMCA-YWCA affiliated college in Norway. It should be remembered that the Norwegian chapter of YMCA-YWCA are actively boycotting all Israelis who produce something.

Here an Israeli fruit vendor is being told by a Norwegian student from the YMCA-YWCA affiliated folk high school Rønningen in Oslo, that she won’t buy any fruit from him, because thats why (a very well reflected argument on behalf of the girl. I’m stunned by the rhetoric skill and elegant style, apparently a strong point in the Rønningen curriculum). has picked up the story and published this article (google translate)

Norwegian folk high school pupils bully Israelis

Video of a young Norwegian girl who refuses to buy fruits that are produced in Israel is now viral. MIFF can tell that the bully is a student at a Christian folk high school.
Conrad Myrland
02/18/2016 2:02 p.m.
The Israeli Avihai Shorshan published February 18, a video of a conversation between an Israeli fruit seller and a young Norwegian girl. The video has been shared by the organization StandWithUs to their 876,000 followers on Facebook. Now it spreads virally.
The conversation in the video
– Why can not you buy the products? asks Israeli Shorshan on video.
– I do not support Israel in any way, it answers Norwegian girl.
– And if this fruit came from Palestine?
– Then I could buy them.
– And you do not check? You see that I am Israeli, and therefore you buy them?
– No, I have nothing against you, but I can not buy products from Israel.
– They are not from the West Bank. They are from the Golan, Sharon [region] and from the Negev. What is the problem with fruit that comes from the Negev and Sharon near Tel Aviv?
– Yes, that’s the problem. Not you. You is not my problem, but Jaffa products. I can not buy them. Sorry.
– Where are you from?
– Norway, responding girl as she walks away from the site and the video ends.
organized boycotts
Who is this bully? The girl is a student at a Norwegian folk high school  who write about themselves that it has “a Christian basic values”. “With us, we hope that you will experience an inclusive, generous and spacious Christianity practice. We love a good discussion and want us wonder and reflection on the important questions in life. Your faith is your private matter, and you decide how much you want to get involved in our more specific Christian activities. Our values ​​will also appear in our teaching, both in the common core and electives. This must that student respectful of whatever you believe in. ”
These seniors words are lost when it comes to Israelis. Inclusion, generosity and spaciousness lapses. It also makes respect.
Clear picture evidence confirms that the bully is a student at Rønningen folk, which is owned by Norwegian YMCA-YWCA. The organization advocates “broad economic boycott of Israel.” Their class “Tour the World” is currently on tour in Israel and the West Bank. On Facebook the group has published a picture of  female participants wearing large hooded coats during visit to mosque. In that direction tolerance seems to be plentiful.
Ignorance and hatred in together
Avihai Shorshan tells on Facebook about a part of the conversation that he did not get recorded.
– I asked her if she knows why she boycotts, or if she just boycotting because someone has said that she will do it. Her informed response was “Have a nice day”. Or implied, “I have no idea what I’m boycotting or why.” When ignorance and hate go together, Shorshan comments.
Pupils at Rønningen folk high school should know how their dismissive smile and “generosity” is experienced by ordinary Israelis.
Annual visits to Rønningen
I am annually invited to Rønningen folk high school to hold talks on Israel for the Tour the World class. I was there last time on 21 January. Owners of their school advocates boycott of only one country in the world – the world’s only Jewish state, I told students
The pupils teacher wishes that Palestinians and Jews in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank were merged into one state.
– Jews in Israel fear more than anything else to be guinea pigs for such a project. Many of them have a background as an oppressed minority in Muslim and Arab countries. Come back to me when the Arab states in North Africa and the Middle East has worked well as multi-religious and multi-ethnic states in 20 years. As long as they do not see any signs that this works, refuses Jews to join in your dreams, I replied.

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  1. motti
    February 19, 2016 at 9:55 am

    Well why don’t you folk boycott Norway and Sweden?

    I am off to Norway again with my wife for a short break, family celebration.

    Other than that, I do not buy anything norwegiian or Swedish along with Pakiland, Somali, Bangla Deshiland etc etc etc.

    Jews and others, who are decent people, it is time for the double edged sword to take effect.

    I wonder whether the silly firl has decided to throw away her laptop and mobile phone.

    My mobile contract fnishes next month withh EE, part of Orange and when I leave, I shall tell themn that I amboycotting their company. come do the bloody same.

  2. Eric R.
    February 21, 2016 at 4:36 pm


    Boycotting European goods is fairly easy this side of the pond, except for one thing — as I fly out of Philadelphia, which is an American Airlines (formerly US Air) hub, most of the planes are Airbus, not Boeing.

    Wines are also a problem — given that I try to boycott California wine as well, it does not leave one a lot of choice – Australia, Chile, and New York.

    One other country that is tough to boycott is Bangladesh – unless you want to go naked, as it seems all clothing is made there now.

    And unlike McG, I do not have such a sleek body that I wish to show it off naked.

  3. motti
    February 22, 2016 at 4:20 am

    Eric, I do sympathise. I will be 75 in June and I am no Adonis either! With all respect and honour to our lovely and dear Prof, she looked awfully nice again when I last saw her…………..However, when I was in the States two years ago, I found a lot of clothing was made in Viet Nam and in other places too. I don’t much care for Indonesia as the country is split into Buddhists and Muslims.
    Why do you not support California wines? I have been buying Cali wines as well as Chile, the latter prodce excellent reds ideal for people with heart problems.
    If you live in Phili, surely there must be other airlines to go to your alloted detsination who fly Boeing?

    In all honesty, I check all clothing in particular, as these gartments from Pakiland especially use sweat shops and the people are paid a pittance,
    One must assume therefore, the high prices for all the rubbish that is produced for western manufacturers is due to transport? Or would it be just down to gross obscene greed?

    At least in the UK, Cameron and the Tory party are making moves to make BDS illegal. What is the USA doing, in the name of free trade? Another thing that bothers me is why Israel is not issuing a formal complaint to the WTO, and naming the source of the movement is based in Ramallah, so why do they still obtain huge donations from the west? Especially when the PLO/PA is falling foul of free trade agenda?

  4. Eric R.
    February 22, 2016 at 9:39 am

    “Why do you not support California wines? ”

    Because California is now a one-party, radical leftist state. Francois Hollande and Che Guevara would be considered reactionary by their standards (and French tax rates positively capitalist). They imported enough poor Mexicans to turn the Beach Boys’ summer paradise into Mexico del Norte. And I am sorry to say, a lot of liberal Jews originally from New York (like 5 term US Senator Barbara Boxer, now retiring) are responsible for this (and she is to be replaced by even more radical leftist Black Panther-sympathizing leftist Kamala Harris.

    Google “Victor Davis Hanson California”. He has chronicled better than anyone the collapse of California from the land of dreams to Marxist hellhole, a feudal state run for the benefit of tech and Hollywood oligarchs, while the middle class has been driven out, leaving a Mexican peasantry only too happy to vote Democrat to get their benefits. Another good critic of the collapse of California is Joel Kotkin, who is actually an “old fashioned” liberal New York Jew, who has been scared by the radical leftist turn of California.

    As for the Brexit, I guess the vote is on. Will the Tory rank-and-file reject the Tory establishment and vote to leave? Will they be like the Republican rank and file here, who are sick of our GOP “leaders” being always afraid of the Democrats and their propagandists in the media?

    Say what you will about Trump (I am actually a Ted Cruz supporter, but it does not look like he will win), but he is willing to take on the politically correct shibboleths of the Democratic party controlled news media.

  5. motti
    February 25, 2016 at 5:04 am

    Thank you Eric, I shall continue to buy Chile and Israeli wines and forget Californication wines.

    I read of Hansin in California and consider it a pity that he has not run for presidency.

    I am all for Brexit. The In group is heavily funded by the EU directly and indirectly. The Pro group of large companies have been apid by brussels so they may spread the word of fear. Cameron and Osborne are absolute losers. I have met many times with Nigel Farage (I am a UKIP member) and wouyld feel safer with him at the top than the “toffs” from Eton, none of whom has ever held a proper job down in their lives. Ssoem of these companies have advertised their support for the in, even so they are only a minority and this government is all for large businsses including the banks and are anti small enterprises. UKIP is the opposite. All for the smaller businesses and make the corrput individuals pay, not the companies, as the expense will only pass onto the customers.

    Thankfully, BoJo has come off the fence and a number of high ranking tories have come out in favour of Brexit. some of the others who support Brin only care for their jobs as some were known to be anti EU earlier. What rotten apples in the Tory barrel. This is supposed to be the party that puts Britain first. They are gardly much better than the Communists, known as the Labour Party.

    As a matter of interest, the UKIP party is meeting the same sort of banal propaganda, lies etc as the FrP did in Norway, also of the centre right. The latter is now part of the Norwegian government.

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