VG claims Palestinians and Israelis are attacking each other

If you can’t make the charge stick then fabricate some wild claims, appears to be the journalistic standard at VG.


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“Attacking  each other”?

VG takes Norwegian media propaganda about Israel’s aggression to a new level.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
02/16/2016 1:02 p.m.

VG TV published Monday a video report from Hebron, filmed at the scene where a 14 year old Palestinian girl had just committed a knife attack against an Israeli policeman. She was shot in self-defense by the police, and in the video we see her lying injured on the ground.
The video’s main focus is to show how an Israeli soldier overturning the wheelchair to a Palestinian wheelchair user. The apparent reprehensible behavior of the soldier is under investigation, and we expect that he will get a response from their superiors. What is problematic with VG video is the way the recent wave of terror attacks against Israel is produced.

Attacking each other?
There is no news for us that Norwegian media gladly omits, downplays and blurs reports of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, for then to over-focus on Israel’s counter-reactions. But in this case takes VG this form of propaganda against Israel to a new level. Hear how reporter Thor Benjamin Brekken summarizes recent months wave of attacks:
“According to figures from the news agency AFP has 27 Israelis and 172 Palestinians died as a result of attacks on each other for the past five months.”
The wave of terror attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis, according to VG instead a wave where Israelis and Palestinians are attacking each other. Here the newspaper actually alleges that Israelis have been behind deadly attacks against Palestinians, and that these attacks has cost 172 lives in the last five months. It is grossly libelous against the Israel Defense Forces and about as far from reliable journalism as it is possible to get. Can VG give one example of an attack carried out by Israelis has cost one or more Palestinian lives during the past five months?

What attack?
Certainly there are individual cases of Jewish terrorism. According to the Shin Bet reports have occurred at six cases in the relevant months, two stabbings, two cars that have been set on fire, a car wash that has been set on fire and a case of tear gas grenades were thrown into a residential building. None of these attacks have taken life! It has not, as far as MIFF knows, actions carried out by extreme Israeli settlers in the West Bank.
So which Israeli attack it when VG referring to? We are left with the possibility that VG might mean to accuse the army of Israel to commit terrorism – that they believe there are Israeli soldiers who attack random Palestinians to frame a population. It would have been a sensational attitude to a democratic state which, according to the Norwegian ambassador is based on the same values ​​as us.
If VG can not document the 172 killings Israeli attackers should have been behind, they should immediately go out with a retraction and change the report.
We encourage VG to do the right thing and recognize that the 177 knife attacks, 74 shooting attacks and 38 collisions with car that has been done since September 13, 2015 are attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis. VG should also recognize that there are reports of more than a thousand cases of Palestinians threw firebombs and stones at Israelis in the same period. VG editorial understands of course perfectly well that when Israeli security forces stop such attacks, there is something every nation would recognize as lawful and necessary self-defense. We encourage VG not to treat Israel after a different standard than other countries. It is not indifferent who is attacking and who is defending.

Finally: “Apparently” knife attack?
We also react to the way VG reporter initiates the report: “A 14-year-old Palestinian girl is shot and wounded after she allegedly pulled a knife and tried to attack an officer in the Israeli police force,” he says.
Following VG trend NTB has set for Norwegian media: When a Palestinian attack against Israelis referred shall report the attack doubted. It’s just about Palestinian attacks, the word “allegedly” never about Israeli reactions.
What reason have VG to put in doubt that it actually happened a knife attack and that the injured girl was shot in self-defense while she performed this attack? Such phraseology only help to underpin unrealistic Palestinian propaganda that Israel constructs knife attack to execute innocent Palestinians on the street.

Trankskripsjon of the full text of VG TVs reportage:
“A 14-year-old Palestinian girl is shot and wounded after she allegedly pulled a knife and tried to attack an officer in the Israeli police force. It writes The Telegraph. Spectators are about to flock to when this happens: A man in the border patrol in the West Bank tipping a wheelchair user out of his chair. She needs to have tried to give the girl first. The episode creates resurrection, before the situation gets out of control. Police forces throws what appears to be tear gas into the crowd, which in turn are chased away from the area.
According to figures from the news agency AFP has 27 Israelis and 172 Palestinians died as a result of attacks on each other for the last five months. At present this incident is now under investigation. “

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  1. motti
    February 19, 2016 at 9:49 am

    What does one expect from this gutter propaganda media? I refuse to call VG a newspaper, which it clearly is not. It is nothing more than a paidup member of the anti-Israel coalition so prevalent in Norway.

    If Israel is unprepared to break diplomatic relations, then surely, it should expel all Swedish and Norwegian reporters and columnists. The BBC went through a particularly nasty episode that so infuriated the Israeli ministry that it cancelled all contacts with the Biased British Crap, they soon changed back to normal anti-Israel reporting.

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