Boycott success: 600 Palestinians lost their jobs after clever Norwegian NGOs strongly advocated boycotting Soda Stream

If it wasn’t so tragic, one could have said this was a case of poetic justice.

Apart from Israeli newspapers and the tireless people at MIFF, no Norwegian news outlet or pro Palestinian NGOs have reported or commented on it. But I am sure they will find a spin to blame Israel for their wicked deeds. In fact, on the MIFF article talkbacks it has already started:


This lovely fellow says: Obviously unfortunate that Palestinian jobs are lost, but positive in the fight against illegal developments in occupied territory. Cynical to exploit workers during the move but not give them work permit. The relocation of Soda Stream will hopefully create precedence for other establishments in occupied territory.


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600 Palestinians lost their jobs because of SodaStream boycott

The last remaining Palestinian workers at the boycott-affected SodaStream factory, currently has its last working day.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
02/29/2016 4:02 p.m.
Nearly 600 Palestinian workers have lost their jobs after the soda machines from SodaStream was hit by a massive international boycott campaign from 2013.
Earlier this month it became clear that the 74 last remaining Palestinian workers were dismissed. Today, Monday 29 February, they have their last working at SodaStream factory, according to the Times of Israel.
Half the crew were Palestinian
Downsizing of Palestinian labor forced himself forward as a result of factory last year moved from Mishor Adumim, industrial zone of the settlement Ma’ale Adumim in the West Bank, just outside Jerusalem. The factory moved to new premises in the Negev after massive pressure from boycott movement. Relocation plan was announced in 2014 and completed in October 2015.
More than 500 Palestinian workers lost their jobs when the factory was moved because it would not be possible for them to obtain a work permit in Israel. Factory searched for this for a work permit for 74 of its Palestinian employees, but now also have these been rejected.
The factory that makes the popular carbonated machines, has a total of around 1,200 workers. Hundreds of Israelis are now new employee at the factory.
Did not work
SodaStream management is critical that the Israeli government has refused to grant a work permit for the Palestinian workers their. COGAT, the institution that coordinates the Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in the West Bank and Gaza, say they believe they have gone to great lengths to help the factory to undertake moving their project, by the Palestinian workers were granted temporary special permit to work in Israel in moving and transitional period. They stated that 58,000 Palestinians have work permits in Israel, in addition to 27,000 other works by Israeli companies companies in settlements and industrial zones in the West Bank.
Palestinians with Israeli employers have much higher wages and better rights than those working in Palestinian businesses, according to the Palestinian Authority’s own newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.
In 2013 MIFF stood up against the Norwegian boycott activists, who now has helped to ensure that nearly 600 Palestinians have been unemployed.

If I were a pro-Pal activist, I would have hung my head in deep shame. As for the bright heads that concocted this idea… this is a classic case of unmitigated FUBAR!

5 comments for “Boycott success: 600 Palestinians lost their jobs after clever Norwegian NGOs strongly advocated boycotting Soda Stream

  1. Eric R.
    March 1, 2016 at 2:26 am

    I’m sorry, but am I supposed to feel sorry for Palestinians?


  2. motti
    March 1, 2016 at 4:10 am

    No doubt the Norwegian church and establishment in their full authority will now set up places of education work and training centres to place all the westbank Arabs into a sustainabl form of livlihood.

    Yeah and cheese is marketed on the moon

  3. March 1, 2016 at 6:28 am

    I feel genuinely sorry for the people who hav lost their well paid and fair deal jobs. This means that 600 bread winners will struggle more to put food on the table and that is never a good thing to happen to anybody. I cannot however,forgive the NGO’s who pretend to be “helping” the Palestinians, when in fact all they want to achieve is to stick it to the Jews. Just like I cannot forgive the thoroughly corrupt PA and their friends who year on year not only allow, but condone corruption, fraud, that brings more suffering on the ordinary person. Least of all can I forgive the collective blindness by politicians in high places in Norway, UK, US, and above all in the EU who pretend the hatred and incitement by the PA but paid for by taxpayers in aforementioned countries are harmless jokes, more like posturing, but not really serious. Of course it is serious when PA funded institutions (i.e, funded by ordinary tax payers in Norway, etc) so clearly encourage violence against Jews.
    But for the ordinary Palestinian, who have not even been allowed to vote, I generally and genuinely feel sorry.

  4. motti
    March 3, 2016 at 10:12 am

    I have no empathy nor sympathy for any Palestinians, nor their cause. They have the undivided attention, epathy and sympathy from virtually the whole planet. That their own kind have no feelings for them and treats them as political pawns is a matter for the Islamic world to sprt out. The west has paid enough over the years and no one knows exactly where it has all gone
    The PLO/Pa and the EU have a geat deal in common. The accountants are unable to sign off the accounts for many years due to the corruption and fraud within the system. No wonder the EU is so pro Pali, they have so much in common

  5. motti
    March 3, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Before I forget, this evening PBS America on Freesat has a programme on Bibi

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