The NTB invents statistics about Israel and Norwegian news papers swallow line, hook and sink

Following a fairly controversial study by the PEW Research Center regarding Jewish Israelis’s attitude to fellow Arab compatriots (apparently the majority of us want to chuck out our Arab compatriots) the Norwegian – clearly anti-Israeli – news agency NTB had a field day of cooking up some fantasy interpretations. Major news papers (and wannabe newspapers like Vårt Land) were quick to pick up the story (in contrast to when Israeli Jews are gutted by knife wielding maniacs), and also turned to the president of the Jewish Congregation in Oslo, Mr. Ervin Kohn, for him to lambast Israeli Jews for this abhorrent racism. As if it were true. Grave looking editors put on their even more grave faces to proclaim that Israel is losing its soul and that Israel would become even more split in the future.

A critical analysis of the questions posed to the interviewees and as usual MIFF has done its home work and provided us with the break down of the results (google translate):

Would really every Israeli Jew deport Palestinians?
Screenshot of NTB’s case it is published on
Professor Sammy Smooha criticizes the imprecise question the position of the Pew used, and as the news agency NTB reproduces uncritically in Norway.
Conrad Myrland
03.09.2016 9:03

Tuesday March 8 published Pew Research Center a comprehensive demographic study of Israeli society. The news agency NTB were quick to seize one of the results: “Every Israeli Jew will deport Palestinians”, was the headline in the case.
NTB writes:
“Almost every Israeli Jew believes citizens of Palestinian origin should be expelled from the country, according to a recent poll.
Nearly 21 percent of Israel’s population are descendants of Palestinians accepted Israeli citizenship in 1948 and referred to as Israeli Arabs.
48 percent of Israeli Jews answered yes to the question of “Arabs should be exercised or transferred from Israel,” according to a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center.
46 percent of those polled say they oppose deporting country closer to 1.7 million Arab citizens to the Palestinian areas or Arab neighbors. ”
The last thing first: The final link in NTB last sentence is pure poetry. In the survey, there is no talk about how an eventual expulsion or transfer to take place.

The Pew survey was conducted between 14 October 2014 and 21 May 2015. 3789 Jews in Israel and the West Bank participated in the survey, in addition to the 871 Muslims, 468 Christians and 439 Druze.
The Israeli Jews were presented with the statement “Arabs should be expelled [EXPELLED] or moved out the [transferred] of Israel.”
The answers were distributed as follows:
Strongly agree 21 percent
Agree 27 percent
Disagree 29 percent
Strongly disagree 17 percent
Do not know / no response 5 percent

Criticism of the Pew
Sammy Smooha, professor at the University of Haifa, is critical to the questions in the Pew survey. Which Arabs it to be exercised? objected he said. Is that all, or only those Arabs who support Israel’s enemies? Could it be survey participants think of West Bank Palestinians living in Israel illegally when they declare themselves agree? Should displacement happen to offer financial compensation?
– This question can be understood in many ways, says the professor of Ha’aretz. He believes the idea of ​​a large-scale expulsion / transfer is “unrealistic and unenforceable” and “should be condemned”. The result he interprets more as a result of a general unwillingness to Arabs in the Jewish population.
– Approximately one quarter of the Jews reject coexistence with the Arab residents, but the vast majority of Jews accept coexistence. Among the Arab population, is between one quarter and one third opponents of samekistens. On both side there is a part of the population which exclude coexistence, but they will not decide the rules, says Smooha.
– Jews have a complex approach. Although they would not protest if the Arabs left the country, they will not think that the government should take the initiative for this. Jews have understood that the Arabs are here to stay and that they have to live together, and they do not want to put everything overboard and sabotage coexistence, continues the professor.
In recent years he has Smooha made their own polls. From 2003, he asked the question: “Do you agree or disagree that the Arab citizens should leave the country and receive appropriate compensation?” Support for this has fallen from 39 percent in 2003 (at the height of the second intifada) to 32 percent in the last examination.
Seasoned with strong words in headlines and introduction as “deport” and “throw out” has NTB made a complicated matter, based on an imprecise questions and mixed with zero shades, a new soup which gives a distorted picture of Jewish Israelis.
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In the 1940s there were about 1,000,000 Jews in the Arab world. Now there are fewer than 10,000 left. Arab states had not, and has not, space for its Jews to live in peace, freedom and dignity. Israel has become a port of refuge for at least 600,000 Jews chased from the Arab world.
On the Palestinian side, it is not just talking about expelling neighbors. 67 percent of Palestinians say they support knife attacks against Israelis.


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  1. motti
    March 17, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Palestinian Arabs should be living and working in Palestrine, that is Jordan.
    I doubt that the Arabs include the Druse and the Bedouin who serve in the IDF.
    When local Arabs are unhappy to live in Israeli then they should take the correct act of participating in Palestiniasn life in Palestine i.e. Jordan

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