Lars Gule tries to launch an attack against Israel… Again

our favourite little wannabe terrorist, now wannabe academic is once more trying ambush Israel. Back in the 70ies he was stopped by the Lebanese police as he was carrying bomb material in his backpack. The typical courage of an extremist lefty terrorist.

Now, adorning himself with the title assistant professor at an academic institution that more than once has opened the doors to Islamist extremists, he is on the frontline again (no sorry, trying to stab from behind, thats his style) to boycott Israel.

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Once again Lars Gule attempts to harm Israelis

In 1977 Lars Gule enlisted in the service of a terrorist organization who three years earlier had perpetrated a massacre against 25 schoolchildren and teachers. He was stopped in his own attempted attacks by Lebanese police. This time it only the assistant professor’s  colleagues who can stop him from harming Israelis.
Conrad Myrland
11.03.2016 8:03
Assistant professor Lars Gule shows no regrets about his participation in the war of aggression against Israel in 1977. He had joined the service of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), the Marxist-Leninist terrorist group  behind the  Ma’alot massacre three years earlier . It was the Lebanese police who stopped Gule from contributing to injure or kill some Israelis with 700-800 grams of plastic explosive.
Gule does not regret his attempted attack nearly 40 years ago. “Regret is something you feel if you hurt someone,” he told VG in 2015.
After he was released from Lebanese jail Gule has never given up the dream of harming Israelis. In recent years his efforts have centred around doing economic damage in the form of boycott.
This week Gule launched yet an attempt to attack Israel. This time it is only THE assistant professor’s colleagues at Oslo and Akershus University College who can stop him from injuring six million Jews and two million Arabs in Israel.
Thursday 31 March, the Norwegian Civil Service Union (NTL) at Oslo and Akershus University College convene for their annual meeting. Wednesday March 9, one day before the deadline, Gule sent a draft resolution to the General Assembly. Here he asks his colleagues say yes to “full boycott of Israel.”
– Such boycotts shall also include boycotts of institutional academic cooperation. We want Norwegian companies and Norwegian authorities to withdraw their investments from Israel. It is also time that Norway is considering sanctions on Israel as long as Israel does not show willingness to follow international law and UN resolutions, Gule writes.
He wants NTL to propose “boycott, disinvestment, and sanctions against Israel on the next LO-Congress”.
Gule is evidently not able to see when he hurt someone. Only his colleagues could stop him before he gets any regrets …

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  1. motti
    March 17, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Norway must tread very carefully with the proposals for full boycott which can only be made legal by the government. This will not be done, as this will not be internationally legal nor recognised by he WTO and I understand that Norway will be charged a very handsome sum. In any case, Israel does not need Norway or Sweden, nor the EU.

    Europe murdered 6 million Jews to be rewarded with over 20 million Muslims and still counting. Hope Europe is happy with the present situation and future prospects. Ha ha ha

  2. motti
    March 22, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Has he ghoul condemned the attacks in Istanbul and Brussels?

    As a bye the bye, I have seen on Debkafile that the trip by Kenyatta to Israel has borne fruits. The east African states of Kenya, Ethiopa, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan have gone to Israel to fight a common enemy ISIS and the other friends of the ghould.
    They are disappoinmted with the American administration in being serious regarding the problems these countries face and they turned down China;s offer of assistance.
    They wanted the best and approached Israel. Not for nothing have ISIS confirmed they fear only one country’s ability to overcome them and that is tiny Israel.

    I just hope that in return for Israeli assistance the 6 countries will not forget Israel in the UN,

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