NRK, completely fixated on Israel, looking to smear Israel through Trumps speech at AIPAC

Of course it was only expected. The NRK cannot cover the AIPAC conference without making it sound like some sordid affair. Something that should be outlawed. The typical way of the lefty liberals. In stead of covering the actual points that were made, or not made, this piece stinks of disdain and arrogance, the hallmark of NRK in its coverage of Israel. And the punch line, the AIPAC has a lot of power. So, the usual drivel about Jewish power there then…


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This is possibly going to create some stir
WASHINGTON (NRK): This often happens when a correspondent writes about certain topics, especially when the topic is Israel.

Tove Bjørgaas
US correspondent
Tove Bjørgaas

Published 02.04.2016, at. 10:47 p.m.

But last week I finally got the opportunity to be present at the conference which is an institution here in Washington.

A kind of example of the most spectacular this city has to offer.

Will the theater or musical in the US, you travel to New York. If you want to gamble, go to Las Vegas and if Jazz is your thing, then you go to New Orleans.

But you go toWashington  if you want to spend hours and days inside the big congress halls with suit-clad people with name tags around their necks. Where people gather to hear politicians talk themselves hoarse while the audience cheers and dramatic music thunders out of the loudspeakers.

There are many annual political mega shows. Conference of Christian right voters, conference conservative right voters. Conferences for progressive democrats, women, weapons enthusiasts.

And then there is the AIPAC conference. The conference for those who support Israel.

Judging by the turnout, an increasing number of people support Israel

18,000 people turned out for the AIPAC annual happening last week.

AIPAC is the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Started in 1963 to strengthen and protect the relationship between the United States and Israel and enhancing both countries’ security. AIPAC is a lobby group with more than 100,000 members.

At AIPAC conference, most US presidents make sure to attend and sai that they love Israel. Such influence has AIPAC.

generated debate
So it was on Monday last week that I at six o’clock in the morning drove through quiet streets down to Washington’s largest sports and concert hall.

It was already bustling there. Journalists, dogs and security guards.

After getting searched bags and camera equipment and been thoroughly searched, I entered into the Verizon Center.

We media people were ushered into the galleries high ceilings. From there we had a panoramic view of the rotating stage and the crowd of people who eventually filled the seats.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Jewish United States although I have actually  never been to Israel.

Before I step into the trap it is important to draw a distinction. AIPAC conference called Israel lobby’s conference.

But Israel lobby is not the same as the Jewish lobby.

A vast majority of America’s Jews vote for Democrats, and many do not like the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu.

AIPAC also has many non-Jewish members and supporters, especially conservative Republicans.

But there were many Jewish Americans in the audience I sat last Monday.

And what happened there has created intense debate in the week gone by.

Clinton and Trump visit
At AIPAC conference comes as mentioned anyone who wants to be President of the United States.

They did so again this year. Hillary Clinton opened the event, and in the afternoon came both Kasich, Trump and Cruz.

The online who didn’t come to speak was ironically the only Jewish candidate for the presidency.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t feel at home at AIPAC, and would not cancel the election campaign on the West Coast to travel to Washington.

He offered to participate via video link.

But it was only Israeli prime minister who was allowed this way of being present.

But now a little more about the show. After hearing of Israeli folk singers warmed up and was presented with the inventions of several Israeli entrepreneurs, came Hillary Clinton on stage.

She is a strong supporter of Israel, and have been here many times before.

But she did not smile as she takes the stage. She looks angry. One can not negotiate Israel’s security, she says with link to the presidential candidate who she believes will negotiate about everything because he believes he is such a excellent businessman.

People clap and cheer, but it is sparse in some parts of the auditorium.
Demonstrated against Trump
Afterwards I meet two young Jewish students in the hallway. They are student members of AIPAC. At the music conservatory in Brooklyn where she studies attempting Kami speaking Israel’s case.

Student members of AIPAC are uncertain about what they think about Donald Trump.
PHOTO: TOVE Bjørgaas / NRK
– But increasing criticism, she says. It’s hard to be Jewish Israel activist in the US now.

– What do you think of Donald Trump, I ask. Could he help you?

The first two-time voters are undecided. They do not like it derogatory Trump says about minorities.

But they should come and listen to him after lunch. After lunch, it is reported both demonstrations and boycotts.

The Jewish peace movement demonstrates against him are invited here to AIPAC. And a group of rabbis will not be present in the courtroom.

They do not want a president who gets many Jewish Americans to think of Europe in the late 1930s.

But when I come back to Verizon Center a few hours later, I get an experience I will not soon come to forget.

The roof lifted
The announced demo, is insignificant.

What instead line the streets are truly endless queues of people wanting to enter. They extend around the entire large hall. Also press turnout is much bigger than it was this morning.

I sit in the gallery and see that the audience is absolutely chock-full now. There are at least 30 percent more here than when Hillary Clinton spoke in the morning.

Then he comes on stage. Violent fanfare over the speakers, but cautious cheers from the audience first.

From the huge big screen waving Donald Trump to the crowded courtroom. Then he starts:

– I am a newcomer in politics, but not in supporting the Jewish state, he said.

He will demolish Iran agreement to bits.

US will veto any attempt at a peace process in the UN. The UN is nonsense, says Trump. A peace agreement created by the United Nations will be a disaster.

– President Obama is perhaps the worst thing that has happened to Israel, says Donald Trump.

The crowd cheers wildly cheering. It’s almost as if the roof lifts off.

Behind me sits Vicky, shouting “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

The other two Republican candidates, Cruz and Kasich does not get the same reception.

Afterwards I meet rabbi Eyton Hammerman in time. He shakes his head.

– I am very disappointed how the audience reacted he says. This should be a congregation that supports Israel, it is very unfortunate that they clap when someone attacks a sitting US president that way.

And it does not stop here.

The following day is the Israeli Prime Minister who is the main attraction at the conference. He who was invited by republikanenre to Congress last year, came there to try to stop Iran agreement.

But first comes AIPAC president-elect and the rest of the management team on stage.

They read a statement. It is an embarrassing and strange moments. They ask simply apologize for the participants in their own conference cheered as they did for Donald Trump.

It is not in AIPAC spirit to cheer when someone says that a sitting president is the worst thing that has happened to Israel. And it said therefore Donald Trump.

End of sarcasm
In the days following the debate raged, not least in the newspaper The Forward, a leading Jewish newspaper in the United States.

I know many American Jews, and in addition to being extremely educated and articulate, they love to debate. The sarcastic comment forwards sits happily resolved.

But the debate in the last week has not been sarcastic in The Forward and other Jewish newspapers.

They believe Orthodox Jews and conservative Republicans have been given too much space in AIPAC.

And that the Netanyahu government has changed this main actuating means for the crucial relationship between the US and Israel.

The debate remains whether it was right to invite Donald Trump to AIPAC.

The editor of The Forward in New York, J.J. Goldberg says:

– Donald Trump is not Hitler. What is frightening is not who he is, but he has shown us who we are.

Oddly there has been no discussion on how utterly wrong Sanders got it on the Gaza war…

Nor have we heard anything about the money Abbas’s son has hidden away in Panama. I for one am curious to know if any of my tax money given to help the Palestinians have found their way to somebody’s very deep pockets…


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