The NRK reaches a new low! Glorifies Hamas terrorists and shames Israel for defending itself in propaganda documentary.

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NRK has reached a new low
With a notorious boycott activist disguised as a reporter’s voice, made NRK new documentary to rib Israel the right to exist, the right to defend themselves and the right to be heard and believed in the media. How abusing NRK your license money on the coarsest.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
04/21/2016 9:04 p.m.

The documentary USA, Midtausten and media, with the original title Occupation of the American Mind was sent on NRK2 both Monday and Tuesday this week. The film is available on NRK’s ​​website. It is a tragedy that a film that is so full of anti-Israeli propaganda and so totally without motrøster are quality stamped by state channel as a journalistic product and paid with our license money. The film is in reality an activist tool for delegitimization of Israel. In simplest view attacked the world’s only Jewish state in 55 minutes. NRK has reached a new low point in its unjust treatment of Israel.

Boycott activist in journalist-disguise
That filmmakers from the Canadian company Mundo Vision Productions has had a very different agenda than the journalistic, emerges already in the choice of reporter’s voice. The comments in the film is read by Roger Waters, his name appear in large text on a separate text poster at the start. This would filmmakers want the audience to see. Who is Roger Waters? He is world famous as the lead singer of the band Pink Floyd. He does not conduct any kind of journalistic work, and is therefore professionally totally out of place in such a role in a documentary. But he, of course, the requisite celebrity factor to be able to raise awareness of the film’s message. And Waters is previously known not only as Pink Floyd singer. The last ten years he has highly distinguished himself as a voice that promotes BDS Movement (Boycott, de-investment and sanctions against Israel). That means viewers deceived. They are given the impression of listening to a dedicated celebrity who has made journalistic documentary, but really they listen to a spokesman for a movement that is deeply immoral and hinder peace.
Roger Waters lifted onto the international BDS movement’s website as an artist who openly supports cultural boycott of Israel. On Facebook spreads his allegations that Israel operates apartheid and ethnic cleansing. He boasts of having persuaded artists like Stevie Wonder to cancel concerts in Israel and encourage all artists and performers to stay away from the country.
This man is for NRK believes an appropriate reporter voice in a documentary about Israel!
For it is important to notice that this is actually a NRK film, although production is Canadian. Text poster at the beginning of the movie communicated that the film is produced in cooperation with the Norwegian NRK, Swedish UR and Finnish YLE. Text poster for the film’s end we learn that Tore Tomter from NRK has participated in the production as “commissioning editor”, ie NRK had one of their own to participate in editorial role for the film project and approve the final score. With your license money NRK partnered with the international BDS movement and struck Israel with this mendacious activist film.

Propagandistic allegations of propaganda
The problems with the characters in the film do not stop at the choice of the reporter’s voice. Source Committee also demonstrates that the filmmakers have not made the slightest attempt to achieve some sort of balance. All interviewed have in common that they confirm the Palestinian narrative, while they deny and sometimes ridicule important realities in Israel’s situation, that the terrorist threat from several of the country’s neighboring regimes. Those who think differently is just crosscut into the film with short, disjointed quotations intended as illustrations of “propaganda”. To delegitimize effectively all Israel-friendly voices as part of “Hasbara”, “the Israeli propaganda apparatus”. Goebbels would surely have applauded this strategy.
The sources interviewed are not just one-sided. They also promote a deeply shocking news that should get alarm bells ringing among responsible staff in any serious TV channel long before the schedule is set up. The problem with the message of course is not that it is pro-Palestinian. It is legitimate to voice the Palestinian cause. The problem is that it is anti-Israel. It is deceitful and severely damaging to the Jewish people in Israel. Here we look more closely at some of the many serious messages conveyed in the film:

1: It is incomprehensible that anyone could support Israel
A text poster in the introduction to the film sets the tone: “Every indigenous world will resist colonists as long as they have the slightest hope of getting rid of the danger of being colonized. It is the Arabs in Palestine. For they are not a rabble but a living people. “The quote attributed to Zionist Ze’ev Jabotinsky, and are totally detached from its context.
The quote stems from a speech in 1923, and has thus little relevance to current political debate. The speech should be read in light of the fact that it was kept in a contemporary where the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Agreement was fresh news. The main message of the speech is also a completely different than what the filmmakers want to give the impression. They get it to look like one of Israel’s pioneers acknowledged that Palestinian attacks against Zionist Jews was justified. In reality Jabotinsky speech a declaration of faith in the future of peace in which both people will be living in the area covered by the Palestine Mandate – either in the form of a solution with two states for two peoples, or in the form of a state with equal rights for all, where the Jews are the majority. Read the speech here.
Zionism leading advocates have always wanted peace and coexistence with the Arabs, but this does not fit into the film’s agenda. What if they instead had quoted this from Jabotinsky speech:
“I am ready to take an oath that binds us and our successors to never do anything that is contrary to the principle of equal rights for all, and that we should never attempt to expel anyone.”
Through this story abuse turns the simple and lying state that the Palestinian narrative is the only true. It is presented as an incomprehensible phenomenon that there are Americans who support Israel. US media devote so much space to explain that Israel has right to defend itself, while in Europe, many Palestinian voices heard in the media. There is another world in Europe. The reason is that the US media is fooled by the PR strategy of Israel and Israel’s friends, claiming the film. Israel’s right to existence and self-defense, and the terrorist threat from groups that will destroy the land, are depreciated as propaganda chat.
– When one side gets to dominate the debate so completely, it becomes difficult to show people that this is about propaganda, says Mark Crispin Miller of New York University.

2: Israel’s existence is not legitimate
For each body of the film displays a black text poster. The first carries the text: “Disaster.” Here is a story of “nakba” – the catastrophe that the Jewish defense forces won the war that the Arabs started and that Israel therefore was created. In several statements conveyed it clearly demonstrates that it is not the West Bank and Gaza is the problem in the filmmakers ‘eyes, but the mere existence of a Jewish state was created in the Jews’ historic homeland.
– Many would have supported the idea of ​​a state for the Jewish people, if it had not been for a people without land in a land without people. But that was not how it happened, we hear.
Implied: – We do not support the establishment of Israel.
The Jews reestablished their state in a land area of ​​less than 0.2 percent of the Arab countries’ total area – right in the area where they have three thousand years of historical, religious and cultural heritage. Yet not Jewish state which one can support without having swallowed propaganda, according to the film. The fact that nearly a million Jews were pushed or chased to flee from Arab countries during the last century, and hundreds of thousands as well from other Muslim countries, there is no mention of a word. That Jews are chased is also no disaster. But that Jews settle and demand to live in peace and security where they can trace their history – it’s a disaster.
The terminology in historical presentation adds up to confusion. Those who are not so well-read in history may think that there once existed a country called Palestine, the Jews took to create Israel. The film intends to preserve this impression. But British Mandated Palestine was not a nation of Palestinian people either at the time or in history. In the area of ​​Palestine lived both Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs. The Arabs in Palestine Mandate area not developed any national identity as Palestinians until long after Israel was created, is not told in the film. It is claimed instead that they already for decades had hoped for an independent state in Palestine when Israel was created. Which lies and distortions like this to deprive Israel its right to exist as an equal nation among nations.

3: Israel must not defend themselves
A recurring theme throughout the film is that Israel’s right and need for self-defense depreciated as propaganda. After hammering against Israel with accusations of occupation, violation of international law and war crimes, told conspiracy theory Hasbara movement, Israel’s PR strategists who somehow behind all the pro-Israeli version of history. When the Israel Defense Forces justify their actions that Israel must defend itself against enemies, it is just propaganda, must know. Both Obama, Netanyahu and many other cross cut into the film with short statements that will serve as examples of how such propaganda when out. Here are some examples of what the movie claims are propaganda:
– Israel is surrounded by enemies who Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas.
– Hezbollah leader will finish the job Hitler started.
– Hamas is a terrorist organization and charter their declare that their goal is to wipe out the Jews and Israel.
– Gaza is no longer occupied after 2005.
– Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at Israeli towns.
Is there any of this is untrue?
How can anyone be so empathy resolve against Jews that they in this way ridicules and dismisses the existential threats to the Jewish state faces? In NRK house there is obviously good fish.
In the film, accused the Israeli Jews not only to occupy Palestinian land (since 1948 or 1967?), But also – hold on – to occupy the American media and thoughts!
– This is another form of occupation. An occupation of the American media and the American mind, the film tells us.
– The pro-Israeli narrative takes attention away from what virtually everyone recognizes that the best way to end this conflict: Ending the occupation and the settlements, so the Palestinians can finally get their own state.
The reality is that the Palestinians have never been closer to the goal of a separate state than now. The vast majority of Israelis support a two-state solution. The same nine out of ten parties in the Knesset. The moment the Palestinian leadership accepts that neighboring going to remain Jewish, the target can be achieved more rapidly if the goal involves a genuine peace.
To claim that Israel invents his need for self-defense is at best supernaivt and at worst directly malicious. Journalistic reliable it is nevertheless not.

4: Terrorists are really only dissidents and Jews are not victims
When Israel subjected to terrorist attacks or Israeli voices talking about the terrorist threat, this is also only part of Hasbara strategy, according to the film.
– It’s easy to blame the victim. It’s easy to call people terrorists, says Hanan Ashrawi of the PLO’s executive committee in a short clip of the film.
Hasbara makes “Palestinian dissidents” are referred to as terrorists, teaches TV viewers. Hamas is a nationalist and religious movement. Party platform for the Israeli party Likud is “more extreme” than Hamas Charter, which Hamas leadership apparently has renounced long ago. It would be nice if the image of Hamas was true. But presenting wishful thinking rather than facts only serves to whitewash terrorists and generate more hatred against Israel.
It’s almost as we do not believe our own eyes and ears to the end of the film, when we hear sources and reporter voice telling that the Jews play the Holocaust to be left in victimhood. To suggest otherwise is an anti-Semitic speech totally devoid of empathy.

Replaces journalism with stupidity hate speech
We could have commented much more, because this movie is so crammed with falsehood that it would become a very long article if we were to go through every little thing. Let us end with look towards one of the conclusions at the end of the movie. Where lifted an interview from British television voted anything the filmmakers apparently thinks is a perfect example of how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be covered. The British broadcaster John Snow on Channel 4 interviewer Mark Regev, former spokesman for the Israeli prime minister’s office and current ambassador to Britain. The journalist says among other things:
– Ye dishes intentionally attacks on neighborhoods where you know that there are women and children.
– You have besieged Gaza for seven years, people live horrific lives and you know it better than anyone else. Why are not you another thing – to talk with them?
Regev answers are completely cut off. Journalism is replaced with stupidity accusations that feeds hatred. Jew hatred.
NRK has previously been criticized by the Broadcasting Council to have an unbalanced presentation of the conflict. In this case the balance is so completely lacking that it is a shame.

7 comments for “The NRK reaches a new low! Glorifies Hamas terrorists and shames Israel for defending itself in propaganda documentary.

  1. motti
    April 25, 2016 at 2:54 am

    Jon Snow has alwaus been this way, anotherhater,

    Actually, I have to laug at the stupidity of the Norwegian news media, as one day they will all wakew up to find themselves outnumbered andbeing ordered to pray to Allah. No wonder the movement of fear for the next two generations has become areality for many Scandinavians. Look at the buildup of the extreme right in protest against the extreme left. At least they both have one thin in commom. A hate for Jews and Israel.

    With a more even sided government no change inattaitude from the media shall be expected from the establishment and it’s media.

    Yes my northern friends, justice wll seek you out at the end and the future looks very rosy for the pro Muslims, Not!

  2. Herbie
    April 26, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Can you send me a link to the show and where I can comment directly?

  3. April 27, 2016 at 12:40 am

    here is the link to the NRK,
    However, they do not have permission to show outside Norway so not sure if you will have better luck than I. But since it is a US/Canadian production, you might find it on any of the US stations? After all, the documentary was made to influence politicians on the Hill…

  4. motti
    April 27, 2016 at 7:46 am

    Amazing that many of the Arab League nations have now agreed and classified Hamas as a terrorist organisation. However, Norway recognises these people as their friends and allies.
    This must tell us even more about the Nazi establishment in Norway, considering that Hamas wants to murder all te Jews and wipe Israel off the map.
    Even more so, what does this tell us about Israel that they still have diplomatic relations with the Nazis in Oslo?

  5. Herbie
    April 28, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Here is a comment I posted in the Wall Street J this week in response to an article about the people who support the BDS movement. It was marked as the most popular comment among numerous other comments. I think it applies to Norway in spades

    “Here is the reality in my view.  I ask all of the critics of Israel to identify a Muslimtcountry that is more religiously open, more follows the rule of law, more protects the rights of women, gays and minorities than Israel. There are none.  Now please describe the origins of the “Palestinian people” before the end of WWII.  There is none.  Please also explain why the  “Palestinian People” did not protest the annexation of “their” historic lands by Jordan and Egypt.  Now please explain why BDS is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and why BDS is not anti-Semitic.”

  6. motti
    April 29, 2016 at 8:59 am

    Excellent response Herbie.

    I like to remind people as well from the Med to the Jordan is only 40miles wide and who are they to tell me that I as a Jew am not allowed to live anywhere in that territory.? Would they tell a Muslim that it is forbidden to liver in America or only in Islamic lands? So why am I barred Mr Obama from living where I want?

    Incidentally, your president has come in for a lot of stick from He must have enjoyed as the son of an English mother and a Kikuyu Moslem father who was imprisoned for the murder of black and white people in Kenya prior tro independence. He was a member of the Mau Mau

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