As a one-off feature: The NRK raises the thorny issue of Norwegian aid money going to pay terrorists a salary

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Once in a blue moon does the NRK bring itself to critically cover the PA and how it uses the international aid money it receives for building themselves a free and independent Palestinian state. A few years ago, the topic of how the PA funds their terrorists with aid money, and the then FM, Mr. Støre, followed by Mr. Barth Eide pretended the problem didn’t exist, and once they had no way out but to admit that indeed there was a problem, then they let themselves be hoodwinked by the PA who merely wired the money to the PLO who then paid the terrorists serving jail time for slaughtering Israelis.

Well, guess what, the topic is back on the agenda and now it is the FM Børge Brende who claims he will have a word with the PA and warn them they better shape up, or risk losing their legitimacy… however, underlining that it is unthinkable to cut aid to the PA (btw, Mr. Brende a Conservative, spent a good deal of his reply to Member of Parliament Hans Olav Syversen, Christian Democrats, to underline how the Palestinians are suffering injustice from Israel, ironically ignoring the fundamental problem, that money that was supposed to go towards nation building for the Palestinians, in fact is used to pay cold blooded murderers a salary while in jail…) So, no changes apart from a mild slap on the wrist…


NRK put the spotlight on Palestinian terrorist salaries
On Sunday evening news on April 24, we finally got to see NRK reported that the Palestinian Authority has not ceased to pay terrorists with aid money, so Abbas promised in 2014.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
04.25.2016 0:04

– The Palestinian Authority, which receives assistance from among others Norway, still gives salaries to imprisoned Palestinian terrorists, said news anchor Jarle Roheim Håkonsen NRK Sunday evening news on 24 April.
– Norway and other donor countries objected to this several years ago, but the practice continues. Aid money goes now only via a detour to the prisoners, continued his colleague, Nina Owing.
Then we got to see a story full of important information, there NRK explained how the reward system works and that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry is aware of the practice without letting it affect aid.

Should have ended in 2014
Report Tormod Strand initiated the case by talking about the 15 year old Israeli girl Malki Roth, who was killed along with 14 other civilians when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up at a pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001. The person responsible for making the bomb, Abdullah Barghouti, now sits in Israeli prison and receive a monthly salary of about 10,000 crowns. Several hundred Palestinian prisoners, many of them terrorists, are rewarded with monthly salary payments such as Barghouti. The worse terror, the higher wages the prisoners, explained Strand.
MIFF has for years written extensively on the PA payroll for terrorists, but it is not often we have seen neither NRK or Norwegian politicians talk so loud about this. Last NRK focused on this was in 2013. At the time, got the matter some attention and Foreign Ministry acknowledged that terrorist payroll system to the PA is real. Together with other donor countries conveyed Norway a claim to the PA that the practice had to stop. Norwegian aid transfers still continued as before, most recently with about 200 million in annual direct transfer to the PA budget.

PA led donor countries deceived
During 2014 created the Palestinian Authority a false impression that requirement from donor countries were met. President Mahmoud Abbas said at the time that the scheme should be stopped. Now it was the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, which would pay money to prisoners by Arab donors.
MIFF already wrote in May 2015 that the PA still had continued wage payments. Our source was a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). In the report on Sunday evening news NRK interviewed PMWS leader Itamar Marcus on a new, similar and more detailed report from PMW on the same subject: the PLO used as a smokescreen to appease Norway and other donor countries, and that it is still the Palestinian Authority as pay money to terrorists in prisons.
– We did not just management’s statements that they paid, but we actually found remittances from the Palestinian Authority to PLO responded exactly to the amount they needed to pay terrorists, says Marcus on NRK.
Under this article, you can see video of Itamar Marcus who presents the same information in a brief lecture on the MIFF European Israel conference a week ago, Sunday 17 April.

MFA has known for deception constantly
The most remarkable aspect of the report is that NRK can tell that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry since 2014 has been known factual circumstances that emerge in PMWS report.
– We got to know in 2014 that the Palestinian Authority transferred money to the PLO so financed this aid scheme for prisoners. For us it was just as unacceptable as if the money had come directly from the PA, said the State Secretary Tore Hattrem (Right).
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not do anything other than to protest. It is not necessary to cut in the Norwegian assistance to Palestine, tells NRK reporter.

Reactions from FRP and KrF
Parliament Jørund Rytman from the ruling party Progressive Party says to NRK that he believes the disclosure must have as a consequence that aid money cut.
– It’s completely new to me that the Palestinians did it this way, and this has to have consequences that aid money cut – that one can not just protest, but shows action, he said.
Also KrF are very surprised that the Foreign Office knew that the PA has continued to pay terrorists, according to NRK evening news that night.
– It is a very surprising enlightenment to me that the Norwegian government has been fully aware of this and that in addition allow the practice to continue in effect as before, when it comes to the actual content, says Hans Olav Syversen, acting parliamentary leader of the Christian Democratic Party.
He agrees with the Progress Party that this should have consequences for the aid to the PA.
– If it turns out that this is correct, I believe there must be consequences. It would be subversive to us that money given to build community in Palestine in reality can be used to give terror wages to prisoners who have committed very extreme actions in many cases.

A golden opportunity for Brende
After the incumbent government had acceded, let MIFF presented a 16 page memo with nine expectations for a government that says in its platform that they want a “balanced approach to the Middle East conflict”. One of our expectations is that the government is putting pressure on the PA to liquidate their scaled reward system for convicted terrorists.
In 2013, before the Norwegian Foreign Ministry itself soothe of the PA “assured that it has not gone Norwegian aid funds for this scheme.” This was repeated Undersecretary Hattrem in Evening News Sunday. But of course it’s not good enough! Although the PA salaries to prisoners paid from other budget items than those budget items that directly supported by Norwegian assistance, the Norwegian funds obviously helping to free up other means to the rest of the budget – and thus to pay terrorists. It is the scheme the government must reject.
Now Brende, Foreign Ministry and the government a golden opportunity to show vigor! The government can no longer conceal and accept that Norway this way is helping to fund terrorist!

See Itamar Marcus’ informative presentation from MIFF European Israel conference:

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  1. motti
    April 29, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Perhaps Israel might consider paying Breivik money while he is in gaol.

  2. motti
    May 4, 2016 at 3:43 am

    Off the subject I know. However, MIFF have posted article regarding increased funding for Israeli defence with 8 out of 10 senatots signing. Unsurprisingly, Bernie Saunders was one who did not sign

  3. Eric R.
    May 4, 2016 at 3:31 pm


    How about your buddy Jeremy Corbyn?

    We kind of knew that under him Labour would become an open (Marxo-)Nazi party…

    The problem is that the LDP and SNP are really just as bad.

    Poor British National Party leader Nick Griffin. Here he is, trying to run a true Neo-Nazi party, and he is being out-Nazied by three major British parties.

  4. de Bacle
    May 5, 2016 at 8:13 am

    …and while off topic Motti here’s a British Christian spectators clear view of “Bernie and the JJ’s”

    She defines them brilliantly, and puts it to the house
    “Are there any jews who still support labour ?”
    (Why not ? Labour Macht Frei
    Stick it to the bumper)

  5. motti
    May 7, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Corbyn is a true Marxist and he has been all his life. Like so many posturing British politicians from the left to the right, he has never held down an ordinary job. He has been in leftwing politics all his life an dI mean extreme left. His backers from the communist run unions are all against racism but hate Israel.

    The Milibands asre a a family of “Jewish” Marxists. In other words, have nothing more to do with Judaism in reality. Ed sold out Israel and for me the worst kind of Jew hater are those born within a Jewish environment and invariably are from the extreme left.

    De Bacle in answer to your question. Yes there are still many leftwing Jews who will patronise Corbyn, as well ordinasry Jewish Socialists who still support Israel. This includes MPs. A highly placed aide of Corbyn, I have forgotten his name is also his apologist. Corbvyn finally relented before the elctions and attended a Labour Friends of Israel rally. He never once mentioned the word Israel the whole evening but happily mentioned Pal;estine a number of times.

    He said that he met with his friends in Hamas amnd Hezbullah, in order to further a peace plan. Obviously, this was great, as he has never made any opening to Israel whatsoever. He is just another Jew hating Fascist/communist. Anyone who denies the Jews to a homeland is not just an antiZionist, they are also Jew hating. Whether they are Jew Muslim Christian or pagan.

    A fire on their kopfs and I don;t even speak Yiddish.

    Well as there many whop supported Quisling in Norway, we too have our own variety. As it mentioned in the Spectator, they are scared of being accused and they want a quiet life. These people disgust me!

    To gain an insight into Anglo Jewry you can go onl;ine to JewishNews in London, a nedw edition is out every Thursday or Friday.

  6. motti
    May 7, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    OOps, just remembered. de Bacle, I do have a sticker on the rear window of my Jeep Renegade it shows the Union Flag arrowing out of the the EU with the word Freedom.
    Eurislam is on it’s knees and if the UK can stay out of the corrupt and undemocratic EU, I will be delighted.
    The Lefties are so placed that we now have our own “Obama” a non white mayor for London. He has a very mixed background indeed. You can check some of it out on Jewish News.

  7. Eric R.
    May 8, 2016 at 1:30 pm


    With the new Muslim mayor, the city really now is “Londonistan”.

    If I were Jewish, I’d make sure to at least move outside of the city, if not the whole of the UK.

  8. motti
    May 11, 2016 at 4:48 am

    Last night was erev Yom Ha Zokoron.
    Toght is erevYom Ha Atzma ut – Imdependence Day
    In the time since last oindepence day, 68 soldiers have fallen in defence of Israel and her citizens with a further 59 others who had succumbed to their injuries..

    Figurees courtesy of Debkafile.

    Khag Sameakh

  9. motti
    May 21, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Eric, I doubt many Jews voted for Khan, but at least he has seperated himself from Corbyn andturned onto a Muslim woman on the radio. He let her knopw what he thought of her.
    Unfortunately, he is a fairly lone figure as so much is coming out tha various leading Muslim figures in the Labour party have made obnoxious remarks about Jews and Israel.
    Left wing Jews will still back corbyn and Labour because they are extremeleft wing communists. Ordinary Labour suppoprters have given up on the Labour party and this wretched party is attempting to attract Jews back.

    As the celebrated author Frederick Forsyth mentioned some time ago in his weekly column in the Daily Express, he was unable to understand how Jews can still vore for Labour.
    Simple, the worst Jew hater of all is the extremeleftwing Jew. So many of those in the arts are quite vicious towards Israel and when one sees the leader of the House of Commons, Gerald Kaufmann, one really can appreciate my remark about Those Jews who hate Jews and Israel

    My response to those who hate Jews has always been the same,. a good kick between their legs and they sing like a soprano

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