Dr. Michal Rachel Suissa: Israel and the NRK

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Dr. Rachel Suissa is the leader of the Centre against Antisemitsm


Israel and the NRK

While the great drama in the Middle East continues unabated media has not forgotten his old hjertesak which is to prepare Israel for a worst possible light. Particularly active NRK been lately. In a couple of infamous attacks on the Jewish state, we have recently seen that the state channel has deviated little from the traditional one-sided and at times vulgar attacks we remember from Odd Karsten Tveit and Sidsel Wold discovered a more subtle but no less rough and fraudulent form of anti-Israeli disinformation.

In connection with a Swedish minister, the Turkish ancestry housing minister Mehmet Kaplan from the Green Party was revealed that right-wing anti-Semite with close ties to the Turkish terrorist organization The gray wolves, arranged NRK evening news a conversation with the Swedish author Gabi Gleichmann and the Norwegian historian Vibeke Kiedling Banik where clearly brought out that the Swedish MDG minister’s comparison of Israelis treat Palestinians with Nazi treatment of Jews lacked any basis in historical facts and that Minister Kaplan had clearly moved across the border to the antisemitic.

For reasons not explained in the program, the NRK had also invited a brother in arms  of the Swedish right-wing minister, the equally extreme Norwegian “Muslim” Trond Ali Lindstad who is the only Norwegian who has had a royal medal withdrawn as a result of their antisemitic and extreme attacks on Jews. Once Linstad got the microphone he changed topic of debate and and used his time for a radical and highly untruthful attacks on the Jewish state.

According to Linstad was Minister Kaplan perceptions certainly not controversial and should not have led to his departure. Without corrective of presenter he told NRK listeners that “Israel is waging a racist policy,” that “Israel is a racist state,” that “Israel as a state based on Zionism as the UN has characterized as a form of racism and racial discrimination … and then must the Swedish minister be allowed to express a political consideration. ”

It is not surprising that just Trond Ali Lindstad pronounces this. He knows that what he says is a lie and he has a political purpose with their claims: Spreading hatred of Jews among his listeners. What is more surprising is that NRK relatively newly appointed news editor, Alexandra Beverfjord, who is well informed about Linstad antisemitism and should all bee to anticipate what he’s going to use his time on national television for, choose to give him an open mic where he almost unchallenged “is allowed to express a political opinion,” as he himself calls such outpourings of anti-Semitism. There was no journalistic need in the present case to draw in Trond Ali Linstad as a commentator. He is in this case an irrelevant person.


Linstad has neither competence nor the political and social authority to play the role of analyst or social activist  in such a serious matter as this. He represents nothing but his personal hatred of Jews, and this news editor Beverfjord knows very well. Hence her decision to give the microphone to Linstad in this program in itself an anti-Semitic act.

The incident in the evening news on April 18 does not appear as a single work accident. In actuality program Urix two days later we experienced a similar editorial approach to presenting Israel in a bad light, where the main element was a fair and interesting interview with the Israeli historian and journalist Gadi Taub about the problem unique in that the Palestinian leadership fails its obligations under the Oslo Accords and Stoking Palestinian youth to rebel against the Jews in the country (they say even the Jews they are attacking – not Israelis). Gadi Taub is even a leftist supporter by a two-state solution.

Just like in the evening news, however NRK editors had safeguarded themselves by initiating the interview with a leading report from Danmarks Radio correspondent, the politically correct Steffen Kretz, who with a nimble relation to facts massaged into the listeners’ consciousness the familiar untruths about “settlements on Palestinian land that Israel has occupied for 49 years, and which are illegal according to international law and numerous times condemned by the UN and by many is considered the most serious obstacle to peace. “” it’s Israel’s actions that get them to turn to death, “said in the report, and the Israeli” settlers is a symbol of Israel’s obsession with the Palestinian territories. ”

Not a word was said about the Palestinian leadership’s very active oppviglerikampanje daily characterize Palestinian media and that is more than sufficient to explain young people’s behavior. Instead supported reporter at the left extreme Israeli lawyer Leah Tsemel who have made it their livelihood to contribute to the uprising by learning the Palestinian youth that “they have a right to fight.”

Against this powerful ideological indoctrination from Danmarks Radio was the Israeli historian Gadi Taub a liberating change. He brought out his message. But we are also this time again with a strong feeling that this combination of truth and lies that NRK choose to color their story about Israel with, not accidental. It creates more confusion and uncertainty than case information with the public, and we choose to believe that such an effect is intentional from NRK editorial page. Where you know you do not create “balance” by conveying a truth for every lie.

We know perfectly well that the result of this kind of “duality” is the creation of negatively charged feelings and anti-Israeli aversion in the population – just as aversion which found expression in the Holocaust center’s survey of anti-Semitism in Norway where 38 percent of population turned out to mean exactly the same thing about Israel as the Swedish Minister.

Anti-Semitism in Norway today is not only a historical legacy. It is currently also created through our media and the political and cultural elites persistent demonization of the Jewish state. The two fresh programs from NRK emerges as clear examples of this, and so does not this form of journalism more acceptable that one tries to “balance” the truth by means of a lie.

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  1. motti
    April 29, 2016 at 9:05 am

    A Nazi eh? and a communist ?
    The extreme right Nazis (National Socialist Workerrs party) and the extreme left Fascists International Socialist party have a common interest and there is no difference when it comes to the Jews, Israeli, Zionism and of course the USA
    In fact the only difference is the term Inter.

  2. motti
    April 29, 2016 at 9:06 am

    The “new” government appears unable or unwill ing to do anything about the ongoing Jew hate.

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