For the NRK, the PA incitement campaign is unrelated to the “knife intifada” and Palestinian kids that have been instructed in how to attack Jews are victims of Israeli brutality.

The NRK. Apparently unable to examine evidence and present it unbiased.

Here is a challenge for you: How many factual mistakes and serious omissions can you find in this piece (you can compare and contrast with the article featured in I would like to add that this same story did get a lot of attention in Hebrew press and news programs. As anyone would be, commenters and analysts are critical of jailing 12 year old kids, but are equally critical of a Palestinian society that push their children to the front line in a very painful conflict. If Israeli commentators – being so intimately connected to the conflict – can manage to see two sides and cover them appropriately, why cannot Norwegian journalists, who have no stake whatsoever in this conflict?

Of course, one must not forget who wrote this piece…. Sidsel Wold.

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Dima 12 years, Israel’s youngest prisoner
After two and a half months in Israeli prison, Palestinian Dima al-Wawi (12) coming home. School girl was sentenced to four and a half months to plan killings. In addition, she received a fine of nearly 18,000 kroner.

Sidsel Wold

Dima is the youngest Palestinian who has been in an Israeli prison.

After his release today arrived she checkpoint near the town of Tulkarem, north of the occupied West Bank. There waiting family, the governor and leaders of the Organization for Palestinian prisoners.

Wanted to kill Jews
According to the indictment of Israel’s military court was 12-year-old armed with a knife that she planned to kill Jews with.

A video from Israel Channel 1 shows the girl in green and white striped school uniform lying on the ground near the settlement Karmei Tzur in the West Bank.

Settler Amos Shimon Cohen directs a pistol against her. Asked by Cohen if she came to “kill Jews” she answers “Yes.”
According parents were 12-year-old upset over the situation the long hunger strikers journalist Mohammed al-QIQ was, writes Telesur.

The day before Dima al-Wawi went out with a knife she had asked what would happen to the children of the Palestinian journalist if he died in prison.

military law
School girl was sentenced by the military court, since she is from Halhoul north of Hebron. In the occupied territories, Israel uses two sets of laws. The civil law applies to Israeli Jews, while military law applies to the Palestinians.

The judge said the following:

“This is a little girl of 12 years and two months. The court has seen how fragile she is and terror in her face. But it is not enough to overlook the danger she represents. We are talking about the very serious crime the minor attempted to perform and without fear. ”

More young people in prison
According to Israeli law, the youth under 14 years in prison.

But the law does not apply to Palestinian children, something a number of human rights groups are protesting against, among them Human Rights Watch.

The number of young prisoners has more than doubled since last year, after the so-called knivintifaden began.
In September put 170 teenagers inside, while in February the number was 438, said Israeli prison authorities.

The reason why Palestinian teenagers attack the settlers, soldiers and Israeli Jews with a knife or scissors are composed.

Attackers with few exceptions are killed on the spot has not deterred others.

The youth are from families that have lived under Israeli occupation for decades and no one sign that the situation will improve seg.De are angry at the occupation and tired of humiliations it entails.

Unlike the two Intifadas in the 1980s and 2000s, is “knivintifadaen” not organized. Many of the teens are acting on their own behalf and often on impulse.

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