Progressive Party MP and Leader of Friends of Israel in Parliament Jørund H Rytman: Misguided aid

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Misguided aid
Written by Jorund H. Rytman, parliament FRP, head Israel’s friends in Parliament
Friday 13 May 2016
As MP and veteran Israel-friend I have for many years been a keen participant in discussions about the festering situation in the Middle East. It is your and my tax money in question, and indirectly it is we who subsidize these “terrorists on the dole»

I have a clear opinion on Israel’s right, and need to, protect its citizens against neighbors who just want them hurt. At the same time I accept that some will disagree strongly with me on this issue.

Acceptance of others’ disagreement is part of living in a free and democratic society. But if your goal is to lead a fruitful debate on such a sensitive issue, one should be able to agree on some basic principles.


The most obvious must be that terrorism under no circumstance is an acceptable instrument. On this one point we should probably all be able to come to an agreement?

With that as a starting point, it is important that Norway and the world society conveys this in a clear and understandable manner. Here Norwegian authorities in my opinion failed in the past.

Through a series of media reports have emerged that Norwegian financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority are forwarded to the PLO, which in turn pays this as wages, or rather “prize money” to terrorists convicted of complicity in the killing of Israeli civilians.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been familiar with this practice for many years, but despite some protests have not managed to stop the flow of money.

I basically have great respect for Foreign Minister Brende and the work he has done in the ministry in recent years.

But when he states that this terror-subsidisation should not automatically lead to a halt, or at least a sharp reduction in the payment of aid, I think it is very unfortunate.

What signals are we sending to terror victims and their survivors? I am simply sad on behalf of Norwegian society when we are unable to show vigor after such disclosures. Nor is it difficult to imagine that the revelations that this helps to weaken support for Norwegian development assistance model at home.

For it is not quite immaterial how this is perceived by Norwegian taxpayers. It has emerged that some of these terrorists are paid a monthly stipend of over 10,000 Norwegian kroner while imprisoned for complicity in the killing of innocent children. Take a moment to let this sink in.


It is your and my tax money in question, and indirectly it is we who subsidize these “terrorists on the dole” with a monthly stipend that is 25 percent higher than the basic rate of the Norwegian National Insurance (1G for 2015 is 7500 a month).

I think I speak for quite a few when I say that this money could probably be put to better use and in a manner that benefits the Norwegian society, or for that matter the whole of humanity.

Fortunately, it is still possible to turn on this issue and I both believe and hope that the Foreign Ministry will take to their senses and will tighten monetary faucet until the Palestinian Authority stops sluice aid funds on to terrorists.

3 comments for “Progressive Party MP and Leader of Friends of Israel in Parliament Jørund H Rytman: Misguided aid

  1. de Bacle
    May 18, 2016 at 1:50 am

    Norway support the Hamas terrorist regime with insignificant pressure on the fascist leaders and with little concern for the long term outcome.

    Norwegian media would, normally, be keen to slam down on such destructive political incompetence. For comparison, today the main Norwegian daily Aftenposten has a “heavy bold tabloid” message to Norwegians waking up after the National day (17th may) celebrations:

    “Norge bombed the country in order to help the people. Now they live under a terror regime”

    …and links to an op-ed on Libya:

    So why this indifference to the Norwegian aid to continued abuse of Gazans by Iran and Hamas ?

    Odd myrland (from MIFF) comments on the indifference of Norwegian media to the Brittish soldier that killed a terrorist on the ground: Myrland contrasts with Norwegian medias interest in the Hebron incidence when an Israeli soldier is then hanged in Norwegian media”
    Myrlands comment is:
    “[The Norwegian media indifference of the British soldier is] becasue it can’t be used to increase Jew hate”

    A bit over the top maybe, but todays headlines on Norways “help” to Libya certainly also contrasts with the Norwegians medias indifference to Norways destructive help to Gazans.

    It defies simple journalist considerations to explain why Norwegian media year after year ignore the continued unconditional support from Norway of the fascist, corrupt terrror regime of Gaza.

  2. motti
    May 18, 2016 at 3:57 am

    I wonder just how many $£€,Yen trillions the PA/PLO have received since the inception of the Israeli state? And it still continues.
    Frederick Forsyth the author and a most intelligent man in his weekly Daily Express column mentioned the Israeli Arabs with the life style they have in comparision to their Arab cousines within a thousand mile radius. He mentioned that they all choodse to continue living in the Zionist state, which is why one never hears of themThe exception of course is when Jew haters call Israel an apartheid state. I doubt they know the meaning of it, as part of their ignorant hate.

  3. Herbie
    May 23, 2016 at 12:26 pm

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