Wold takes the mickey!

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Making a mockery of truth.
Conrad Myrland
25/05/2016 10:05

On Friday 20 May the program Underhuset TV2 News Channel debate on Norwegian media coverage of Israel and the Palestinians. In the panel were regular commentator Jon Hustad, blogger and Norwegian Jew Suzanne Aabel, foreign correspondent in NRK Sidsel Wold and news editor in Klassekampen Mimir Kristjansson.
Presenter Yama Wolasmal began with the following question: Does the  Norwegian press provide a distorted image of Israel? The two media people answered no. Hustad and Aabel replied yes.
Wold argued that “the Joint Arab  list in the Knesset will never sit in any government, because they are Arab” [MIFF italics]. It is not true, Arabs have been members of the Israeli government. It is the anti-Zionist attitude and rhetoric of these representatives that primarily disqualifies them. In addition, they unnatural coalition partners because representatives on the Joint Arab list is far out on the political left or belonging to the Islamist movement. It will probably take a  few years before also Norwegian governments open up for communists or Sharia supporters.
– But how were the Jews treated in Arab countries? asked Wolasmal.
This, Wold refused  to answer.
– Yeah, but we’re talking about Israel-Palestine now replied Wold and rolled her eyes at the presenter
Hustad pointed out that “NRK received unanimous criticism by the coverage of the last Gaza war.”
– It was not unanimous, said Wold. But that was precisely what it was. The entire Broadcasting Council agreed on a statement which  censured by the coverage.
Hustad and Wolasmal reminded Wold about one of her roughest statements during the Gaza war in 2014. “Gaza people are terrified, because they know that lots of nervous Israeli soldiers will be there and shoot at everything that moves,” said Wold on Dagsrevyen Friday 11 July.
– That statement I have apologised for, began Wold. That is right.
– Although it is mainly a true statement, she continued. It is not true. – The Israel Defense Forces has developed the most comprehensive and advanced measures to minimize civilian casualties in attacks against legitimate military targets, says the British Colonel Richard Kemp in an article from August 3rd.
Aabel tried to ask Wold if she is an antizionist.
– Are you against Jews in Israel, asked Aabel.
– But we will talk about the conflict or do we talk about coverage, said Wold.
– Is not that what we are doing, replied Aabel.
– What is your question? retorted Wold. She continued talking about different concepts, and got away without answering the question.
Hustad said that Norwegian journalists must ask themselves what is the alternative for Israel when they face the threat of terrorist groups in Gaza. Israel will just sit back and accept attack tunnels and rockets.
– I’m not a politician. I just cover what happens I, said Wold.
– I will not cover this conflict anymore. We are talking about the rain that fell last year, continued Wold.
It was well precisely what was debate core question: Does the coverage before and now given a distorted picture of Israel? Wold can not run from her contribution in this respect.
It is also not correct that Wold no longer covers this conflict anymore. This, anybody who watches or listens to the NRK will confirm happens almost on a weekly basis.
One of Kristjanssons contributions to the debate was to argue that Hamas’ violations and crimes is through covered in Norwegian media “. But he stopped himself.
– It could certainly have been even more. It certainly could have been more thorough.
Search A text in Norwegian newspapers, shows that Hamas is mentioned 181 times so far in 2016. In comparison, Israel mentioned in 2458.
“It certainly could have been even more.” Indeed!

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