The NRK’s obscene obsession with Israel

I’m an avid radio fan… nothing better when work weighs down on me that to plug in my ear pods and enjoy my very wide selection of radio podcasts, to humour me, educate me and yes, irritate me. Because there I was, driving along a busy highway, downloading my daily dose of radio podcasts, and quite randomly selected to listen to NRK P2 radio program, Ekko, a good old mix of science, society and politics. The topic? Serious gaming. As in video games with some ethical dilemma to resolve in stead of just shooting, killing, maiming. Ah, how interesting, I thought to myself… but my excitement soon gave way to irritation if not outrage, when, literally out of the blue, the Israel-Palestinian conflict was dragged into the program (you can listen to it here, and move forward to 8 minutes and 2 seconds to get the introduction to a game called Lilya).

Apparently, in the wake after the last Gaza war, the one where Hamas wilfully put its own population in harms way, put rockets in UN sponsored schools, fired rockets from hospitals and schools, somebody developed a video game where one could learn that children die in wars, replete with “statistics” to show how many children died during the war (not even the Hamas themselves knows that figure… they are probably waiting to see what would benefit them more, inflated numbers or real numbers…). So, Apple blocked it on the gaming section, stating it was not so much a game as a news or reference item… and asked the developer to reclassify…. Eventually the item was uploaded, under the correct heading, after a lot of huffing and puffing from said developer…

But here is the thing that had me shout and shake my fists… of a list of 6 or 7 so-called serious games, mysteriously the editors and program presenters could only bring themselves to mention the Palestinian game… stating only that Apple had blocked it, accidentally or not leaving out the bit about the game merely being re-labeled to a different category and allowed on the app store! And while they were busy discussing the ethical dilemmas so-called serious games are meant to raise, no mention was made about other video games, for obvious reasons blocked on any regular online store but freely available from the Norwegian tax payer funded PA radio stations, TV stations, children’s TV programs, schools, summer camps, etc, etc, on how to kill Jews.  NOT. ONE. SINGLE. WORD. And also not a single word about the video game ostensibly being presented in the introduction, about the Lebensborn children.

A coincidence? Hardly. Not for an institution with an obsession about Israel like NRK. The BBC with its well documented bias pales in comparison with the NRK, no small feat!

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  1. motti
    July 11, 2016 at 2:28 am

    The obsession about murdering Jews continues in the Norwegain establishment state of mind. That is why it pays the self titled Palestinians a bounty for every Jew they murder.

    Nazism is in the genes of these elitists, whether right, left wing or centre. No blloody difference.

    Oh Bibi, why doi yuo continue with diplomatric relations with thjose weho ally themselvers to those who seek the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Wakey Wakey

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