The Pal-Com’s boycott list turned into pro-Israel shopping list

In spite of throwing their best efforts at it, the Pal-Com fails to impose a consumer boycott on Israel.

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Record Trade in goods from Israel
Tuesday 28 June 2016, at. 0:09 Updated: Tuesday 28 June 2016, at. 9:18
Ove Eikje

PURCHASE AND SALE Norway trades with Israel as never before. So far this year, the trade passed one billion.
– Norwegian trade with Israel is not large, but has long been a significant growth. Latest reports confirm this, says economics professor Ola H. Grytten Dagen.

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Imports grew the most
Figures from Statistics Norway show that imports until 1 June was 555 million, an increase of 28.5 percent compared to the record year last year. Only during April, imports of goods for over 200 million.

Meanwhile, exports of Norwegian goods to Israel by 22 percent so far this year.

– Disappointing
Palestine Committee is little glad that trade with Israel reaches new heights.

– This is very disappointing, because it rewards a country that violates human rights. Israel should instead change their policies towards the Palestinians, says manager Kathrine Jensen day.

She notes that it be sold fruit and vegetables from Israel.

– Some of the products come from occupied territory, and it has been a challenge to get tagged these items properly, says Jensen.

Oil and gas
Meanwhile, she believes that trade between Norway and Israel is marginal.

– There are other types of cooperation that is more worrying. Not least that Minister Tord Lien pushing to expand cooperation in oil and gas. This is a commitment that goes across the Ministry’s view that the Israeli oil and gas located in disputed areas, which also goes into the Palestinian sector, says Jensen.

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Natural Israel-commerce
Ola H. Grytten points out that in addition to the official statistics from Statistics Norway, comes a variety of products from other countries that possess components from Israel.

– This part of the trade with Israel is in practice the greatest. It is virtually impossible not to trade with Israel in this way, he says.

The professor at the Norwegian School of Bergen thinks it is natural that two mature economies such as Norway and Israel – where both are democracies and have large foreign sector – trades with each other.

– Trade with Israel is because both countries have good products that the others want. It overshadows both boycotts and campaigns for this, says Ola H. Grytten.

– Pleasing and enjoyable
Jørund Rytman (FRP) is the leader of Israel’s friends in Parliament, and he looks very favorably on that trade with Israel is constantly increasing.

– It’s both gratifying and enjoyable that it goes the right way, and I have no faith that it will turn around in the future, says Rytman.

He shows among other things that in September sends Norway a delegation to Israel with representatives from politics and business.

– Why do you think that trade with Israel constantly going up?

– It is difficult to give a precise answer, but more dialogue and talks between Norway and Israel will create new opportunities on both sides. We see today that both Norwegian and Israeli politicians are interested in more trade between countries, responding Jørund Rytman.

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