NRK lets Hilde Henriksen Waage dabble in conspiracy theories

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NRK specialist fabricated conspiracy theory

– Israel has a systematic plan to bring the land under them. The Palestinians have lost the entire fight for the land, NRK Middle East expert Hilde Waage claimson Dagsnytt 18 Thursday evening.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
08/07/2016 10:07

NRK took up the question of Israeli settlements in the evening news Thursday night. The occasion is that the Middle East Quartet (UN, US, Russia and the EU) has published a report on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The report criticizes both parties to prevent a peaceful solution, but is far more lenient in their criticism of Israel than most would have predicted. Israeli construction in settlements was criticized in the report, but not designated as illegal.

Let the ambassador explain
NRK had invited Israeli Ambassador Raphael Schutz to explain why Israel in the days after the report has  granted building permits for 800 Israeli homes in the West Bank.
It was a fair move by the editors to give him time to explain why Israel’s perception is that it something completely different things than some residential areas of two to three percent of the West Bank that constitute obstacle to peace. The core issue is the recognition of the state of Israel’s right to continue to exist. Schultz was allowed to make this point. He was also clear on that Israel does not see any other possible lasting solution to the conflict than two states for two peoples.

Care with the roles, NRK!
But after the interview with the ambassador came Professor Hilde Waage from the University of Oslo on. She got free reins to tell the public that the ambassador says is not correct, and that Israel actually has started a systematic plan to “bring the land under them.”
Its fair in a debate program that a person with her views are heard along side those of the Israeli representative. What is not okay is roles: She was not portrayed as a counterpart to the Israeli ambassador in a debate, but as an expert source that presented the facts after statement by Israel. When the program is thus redacted, it is worrisome that her claims were allowed to stand unchallenged. At the very least should NRK have asked her name sources or request arguments substantiating the allegations.

Everything is a game – outside of Waage’s own statements?
Initially in the interview she scoffed of the ambassador’s clear message that Israel wants peace and advocates a two-state solution.
– This’re not true at all, she said.
Israel, Palestinians, US, EU and “the whole lot of them” are only a diplomatic game, she explained.
– For people like me who are experts in peace negotiations, it is clear that there will be no peace, said the professor, and declared:
– Israel does absolutely nothing to bring about a two-state solution.
– There is nothing left of the country where one would make the Palestinian state.
Israel has long since given standing offer to the Palestinians to resume direct negotiations without preconditions, and besides working with Arab states to initiate a regional peace process, then, is to do “absolutely nothing”.
That between two and three percent of the West Bank (a fact carefully clarified by the program host) is inhabited by Jewish settlers,  therefore comes to mean that there is no land left to the Palestinians.
And no government says something that is of importance, because “the whole lot of them are playing games.

Henriksen Waage’s conspiracy theory
On the basis of this creative construction of reality, she launched her conspiracy theory: Israel has a hidden master plan on doing the opposite of what they say, namely to incorporate the entire West Bank and Gaza in their own state and let the Palestinians be left with nothing. Three times she declared this program.
– One can not say that one is for a two-state solution and will share the land, while having systematic plans to settle the land, she began.
– That’s the point here, that Israel has a systematic plan to bring the land under them. The Palestinians do not realize that they have lost the fight for the same country, they have no one to turn to, no superpowers or someone else who can support their claims, she continued.
Later in the conversation she explained that it “would one would wish” that the Palestinians would stop terrorist attacks, “but Israel has a long-term strategic plan that they follow, and the Palestinians, they have lost the entire battle for the land, unfortunately.”

Try allegation against facts!
While NRK does not challenge the expert source to present any evidence on the idea of ​​Israel’s secret plan, it is up to us as viewers and listeners to compare allegation against facts ourselves. Here are some of the questions that cause problems for Henriksen Waage’s idea:
– Why did Israel receive thousands of missile attacks in response to years after they withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005? There is not a single settler in Gaza, but those who govern Gaza refuses consistently to talk with Israel about peace. Hamas regime still has in its charter  aims to destroy Israel and kill Jews.
– Why was it not peace when Israel in 2009 actually gave in to the world community pressure to halt housing construction in settlements in the West Bank? Israel accepted full halt to construction in the West Bank for ten months to get started negotiations. Throughout 2009 and 2010 in reality no new construction projects were approved in the settlements. This did not lead to any reactivation of the peace process.
– If the secret plan is to build so massively that Israel will take over all the Palestinian areas, why does the plan work so badly? Currently less new houses are being built in the settlements in the West Bank every year, not more. The statistics show this clearly. During Netanyahu’s reign, building activity has been lower than under his predecessors. We are talking about 9,216 homes in six years, averaging 1,536 a year. In the previous six years there were 11,366 homes, averaging 1,894 a year. These few new houses are built inside the already gated areas to settlements. Israel has not annexed any part of the West Bank, but on a few cases in recent years the state has expropriated some desert lands that no Palestinians have claimed ownership. The areas have been the size of medium-sized Norwegian farms, and they are located in Area C (the part of the West Bank which according to the Oslo agreement administered by Israel).
– If the Israeli government plays a game for the gallery with their claims that they want peace, why has nine out of ten parties in the Knesset stated in their manifestos that they are in principle for a two-state solution? The conspiracy is quite far-reaching if it reaches into all these conflicting political camps of democracy Israel and penetrates party program committees. A large majority of all Israel’s Jewish population must moreover also be involved in this game, since they tend to respond in polls that they support a peaceful solution of two states for two peoples.

Where in the real world can we find any trace of the plan Henriksen Waage says Israel has?

When during the interview tried to explain  what prevents a peace solution, she mentioned three reasons: terror, settlements and “the unresolved situation in Gaza”. Of these, only one Israel can be held accountable for. Is that why it’s so important to maintain the notion that moderate amounts of housebuilding in already populated areas hinders peace?
Why will not Henriksen Waage and NRK rather focus on the larger issues? Then, the Palestinian leaders would increasingly have had to be held responsible. These are some of the major themes:
PA refuses to negotiate with Israel.
PA will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, something it has been defined as since the Declaration of Independence was read in 1948. It makes a lasting peace impossible.
PA will not give up his unrealistic and unreasonable demands that all descendants of the 1948 refugees should have the right to return to Israel. This is how they try to again make Jews a minority in an Arab country, which has proved fatal in many cases in history.


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  1. motti
    July 27, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Oh dearie me. Why does anyone require a frustrated, ignorant and arrogant propagandist to exspound her theories, when iti s known exactly what she will say?
    The NRK is unworthy of being titled a news radio station. Better to be knopwn officially as the Norwegian Islamic Propaganda machine.
    Actually, the two – Waage, and the NRK with all their ilk such as the Ghoul, make fine bed fellows.
    Please pas the sick bag!

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