Who would have thought, now that France is considering implementing Israeli style security, Norwegian newspapers find comfort

With all of Europe trying to come to terms with the fact that Jihadism has come home to roost, the much lambasted Israeli style of security now finds favour. At some point somebody is probably going to realise that the current wave of terrorism killing scores of European civilians is in fact the most successful Palestinian export products ever: Car mowings. Suicide bombers. Knife wielding maniacs, ax wielding maniacs, scissor wielding maniacs. Hijacking maniacs. Child murdering maniacs. Try to dialogue with this. Or better, yet, give them a state. that will calm them down!

Lifted from VG.no, google translate

France may implement Israel’s strict security policies


After a series of terrorist attacks France is now considering to introduce same heavy security procedures as Israel.

* Permitted with searchings without going through the courts.

* Expanded authority to monitor telephone and email.

* Expanded authority to stop people at the border and banning people from leaving the country.

* Expanded authority to monitor suspects and their family members and friend circles.

* Increased control on roads and securing buildings and areas that may be susceptible to terrorist attack.

(Source: Franck Orban, professor at Østfold University College)

Another taboo was brutally violated by the terrorists, when two assailants cut the throat of an 86 year-old priest after he was  held hostage along with two nuns and two churchgoers in the Catholic church of Saint-Étienne-du- Rouvray in Normandy yesterday.

President Hollande was quickly criticised . His political opponents claim he has not succeeded in ensuring that the country is as secure as it should be, although France has remained in a state of emergency since the terrorist attacks on 13 November last year.

Now there are discussions about a last resort measure, to introduce a security model similar to the one they have in Israel.

– We must move towards a new world where you can no longer carry backpack in public places, where each bag will be systematically and thoroughly searched, says former adviser to the French government, Francois Heisburg to Politico.

Heisburg is special adviser at France’s Strategic Research Organisation, and is among those who have called President Holland safeguards “ineffective and ridiculous,” the newspaper said.

control Society

Israel model is based on the idea that to live in the public domain exposes each of a great danger. Among other things, mean armed patrols on public transport, systematic checks at the entrances of public buildings and increased surveillance.

Several politicians from the French right have after the attack in Nice advocated the “Israeli model” as an effective way of conducting security policy.

– It’s starting to sink in that this threat from the terrorists will not only last a short period. Every time the perpetrators attack new aspects of the national consensus. Thus, there is now a demand for a complete security of society rather than a partial, because the threat comes from so many directions. Israel is considered an appropriate model to follow in the long term, because one tries to unite regard to safety with regard to democracy, says Associate Professor at Østfold University College Franck Orban to VG.


Already, the French had to accept to get their personal freedom limited by a weekday in exceptional condition. Some believe that France has become a police state. Former head of the French Bar Association, Jean- Jacques Gandini, has previously stated to VG that the government no longer takes account of citizens’ fundamental freedoms.