The NRK at it again!

nrk jewish joke

The NRK does not give up… after being lambasted in international media for poor taste and a disgusting attempt to make light of the Nazi extermination camps, they have another go.

In yet another “entertainment” program, appropriately called black humor, they now want the Norwegian public to guess what details you have to send the IRS every year. Alternative A: a treasure trove? Alternative B: A treasure chamber? Alternative C: a tax return file? or, alternative D: extermination of Jews?


Is this what my tax money goes towards?

Lets try this for funny:

Alternative E: Christ killers?

Alternative F: Blood of a Christian child to mix in the matzo dough?

Alternative G: Protocols of the EldersĀ of Zion?

Alternative H: Child murderers?

None of the above are funny, but such allegations and worse, have led to Alternative D in what the NRK deems to be “humor”.




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  1. motti
    February 12, 2017 at 2:26 am

    Perhaps the air over norway is not so clean after all

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