Priests who boycott Israel

Norwegian priests sorting under the TUC had nothing better to contribute towards a world free of hatred and bigotry than to fully embrace a boycott of Israel.

Luther’s hatred of the Jews lives on in Norwegian clergy…

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Clergy members of the TUC blessed the decision to boycott  the world’s only Jewish state.
Bjarte Bjellås
19/01/2017 11:01

Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 January the clergy chapter of the TUC held their annual  meeting in Oslo. One of the topics to be discussed was a proposal to boycott of Israel. The Asker parish priest, Tor Øystein Vaaland, had suggested that priests’ union should stand behind the international BDS campaign against Israel. The union stands at 189 members, according to their annual report. There is a small minority of the total number of priests in the Norwegian Church, which is just under 1,300 employees.
Voting ended with an overwhelming majority went on to boycott the world’s only Jewish state. This according to  well-informed sources in the union. The voting result is said to have been 30 in favor of a boycott, and 12 against. The boycott proposal had previous to the vote been hailed by a well known antisemite on social media.
Priests in Theologians have previously adopted an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, but with this resolution sets the fully endorses BDS (boycott of Israel).
– We recognize that it is necessary to resort to a cultural and academic boycott of economic forms of action to force Israel to real conversations and negotiations, and we stand behind the international BDS campaign, which today challenges all the support Israel today receives from governments, industrial companies and other institutions worldwide, wrote Vaaland in boycott the proposal that was adopted on Wednesday

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  1. motti
    February 12, 2017 at 2:29 am

    Boycott of Jews is nothing new.
    The church in Norway is following the lead of the Quakers in the UK. Who in turn followed the Nazis in Germany, who in turn followed 2000 years of Christian hate for the Jewish people.

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