Dagbladet is angry about Trump. Therefore they take it out on Jared Kushner, the Jew.

Dagbladet bends over backwards to discredit everything Donald Trump stands for. That’s their right. But only if they can stick to facts and not resort to antisemitism and good old fashioned smears.

Such is their fury with the idea that Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the USA, that they now turn their canons at Jared Kushner. Simply because he is a Jew.

Screenshots show their race to the bottom, just in case they should feel the heat and delete the article (unlikely, they know no shame).

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The head line goes like this: This seems strange, he hasn’t got any qualifications apart from being a Jew and married into the family.

Dagbladet went a little further, describing Mr. Kushner as a son of a convicted and incarcerated real estate tycoon, in the photo text. Usually, you dont hold innocent people responsible for other peoples crimes, but maybe this is the new standard, he’s a Jew and the son of a criminal?dagbladet bilde tekst

Who knows what this Hilde Restad is, an assistant professor at a local college in Oslo. What qualifications does she have to pontificate? Perhaps she thinks that her years at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, known for its bias against Israel, gives her some Aesculapian authority? Or that having lived and studied politics in the USA gives her some special credentials? As far as I remember, it was exactly this kind of pompous attitude that caused a deep divide between the so-called elites and the ordinary American who in vote after vote told the establishment they were unhappy.

Maybe she – and Dagbladet should internalize the fact that Donald Trump is president and no matter how much they cry about it, he still is the President, whereas they are only some totally obscure entities in far-away Norway who, for lack of better things to do, turn on the Jew.

Their protests are just about as useful as this howling lady, but not nearly as naive and innocent. They know full well they are stirring a pot full of nasty Jew hatred, at a time when more and more Jews feel unsafe in Europe.

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  1. motti
    February 12, 2017 at 2:32 am

    Where is the sick bag?

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