Errors and mistakes

Please let NIJ know when we make ourselves guilty of erroneous coverage – the Norwegian Middle East debate has enough of them already.

1. Gerstenfeld vs. TV2: Following a TV2 interview with Manfred Gerstenfeld of the JCPA, TV2 published an erroneous article where Gerstenfeld was misquoted as having said that Norwegians are “barbaric and unintelligent”. These misquotes were disseminated throughout Norway (by NTB) and Sweden (by TT) and caused irreperable damage to Gerstenfeld’s reputation. This site repeatedly erred by making the case a Gerstenfeld – Græsvik dispute rather than a Gerstenfeld – TV2 dispute.  Fredrik Græsvik made the interview but did not write the article and can therefore not be held responsible for the misquotes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

2. Vågstøl on Nils Butenschøn and Palfront: This site has on several occasions claimed that historian Tarjei Johannessen Vågstøl writes that Nils Butenschøn assumed leadership of Palfron in 1969. This is incorrect. Vågstøl writes that Nils Butenschøn assumed leadership of Palfront in 1976.

3. Webjørn Espeland on “Israeli voices”: On April 20th this site posted a transcript of NRK’s Webjørn Espeland interviewing Benjamin Weinthal. When Webjørn Espeland claimed that according to several Israeli voices “Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in Northern Europe”, we claimed that no Israeli voices were making such claims and that this was just something Norwegian journalists were making up to make Israeli critics look silly. It now appears that Manfred Gerstenfeld might have said exactly such a thing, back in 2008. But not in the TV2 interview in 2009.

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