Is Norway an anti-Semitic society? Not particularly, and certainly less so than many others. It is difficult to assess the extent of a phenomenon like anti-Semitism. Some are more concerned than others.

Was this blog one of the sources for the erroneous March-article in the Jerusalem Post about anti-Semitism in Norway? Might have been. What we do know is that the JP  journalist responsible mentioned Israel-Wat as one of her sources. Dagbladet’s journalists confused that site (Israel war on terror) with this site’s URL (Israelwhat) and linked to us. No fault of ours.

Is this blog an Israeli newspaper? No. This is a Norwegian blog. On one occasion a Norwegian politician appears to have mistaken it for an Israeli newspaper, or mistakenly believed that we had quoted something from an Israeli newspaper.

Are you jewish? No, none of us are jewish.

Is this blog part of an anti-Norwegian smear campaign? No. We do however believe that prominent Norwegians like Kåre Willoch, Jostein Gaarder, Trine Lilleng and Mads Gilbert are doing an excellent job of smearing themselves.

Who visits a site like this? 90% of our readers just stumble in, have a read, and leave, although we do have some regular visitors. Most them are non-Norwegians.

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  1. Ora
    November 13, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Hi, I wanted to let you know about my new blog: http://antisemitism-europe.blogspot.co.il/

    I’d be glad to be in touch with you about antisemitism stories in Norway.

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