Hello, My New Good (bad) Friend

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Hey there, it’s Dr. Abraham. I’m glad you are still reading my story.

In my last post, I told you how I was addicted to Adderall and blew through my savings to buy pills from other students. When I ran out of money, I started stealing the pills instead. I got caught and expelled from the university.

Now I was stranded with no friends (word had gotten around that I was an addict and a thief; my former friends didn’t trust me anymore), nowhere to live (since I couldn’t live on campus anymore), no money, and a mean addiction to stimulants. I also had no way to make money to support myself, since I was only on a student visa and couldn’t legally work in the US.

The first thing I had to do was make money. Then I could worry about getting more pills and finding somewhere to live.

The day I got expelled I found a job working as a dishwasher at a restaurant. Undocumented immigrants mostly staffed the restaurant. The owners paid us cash under the table. We didn’t have to get paperwork or pay taxes, and they got to pay us less than a US citizen.

Oh, how the mighty had fallen. I had gone from a glittery Israel party guy at an American university with a bright future as a performer ahead, to an illegal dishwasher at a dirty restaurant.

I started working that same night and asked one of the servers if I bought her dinner if I could sleep at her place. I explained I had been expelled from school with no money and was basically homeless. Since we got paid cash at the end of our shift, I was able to afford her meal in exchange for a night on her couch.

At the server’s house, I ended up telling her a little bit about why I got kicked out of school. Obviously, I didn’t tell her about the stealing, but I said her I was really into Adderall and it had gotten me in trouble.

The server laughed and said Adderall was for children. She said she had something even better.

Of course, I was eager to try it.

She took out a little bag of white crystals that looked like shards of glass. She loaded the crystals into a little glass pipe and passed it to me.

I was out of pills and had been craving Adderall all day. I gladly took a hit, not caring what it was, just hoping it would get rid of the cravings and make me feel better.

I was instantly hit with a rush that was way better than Adderall.

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