Resource: Muslim persecution of Christians in Palestine

This resource page is intended for Norwegian journalists and scholars, who often blame Israel for the exodus of Christians from the Palestinian territories. Yet the situation in Palestine is only part of larger picture, with Christians having been persecuted by Muslims since long before the state of Israel was proclaimed in 1948.

It is Muslim intolerance that is driving Christians out of the region. This post, which will be updated regularly, provides links to sources of information. Norwegian journalists may not claim that they do not cover the issue due to a lack of reliable sources.


  • Open Doors: An evangelical organization speaking for persecuted Christians worldwide. The Economist refers to this organization in its July-August issue (2010), in the article “Stop preaching or get out” (page 31) on Christians facing persecution in Morocco. If Open Doors is good enough for the Economist, it ought to be good enough for Norwegian journalists. Open Doors has a Norwegian/Swedish office.
  • Minority Rights Group International offers the report “State of the world’s minorities and indigenous peoples 2010“.



  • Justus Weiner is a scholar at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs who has been following the situation for Christians in the Palestinian territories for ten years. Read the interview under the heading: “Palestinian crimes against Christian Arabs and Their Manipulation against Israel
  • Nina Shea is director at Hudson’s institute for religious freedom. Read her testimony to the US House of Representatives, on Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws (October 8, 2009).

There is no shortage of material. When Norwegian journalists focus on Israeli policies and Jewish intolerance this is not founded in the realities of the Christian exodus, but in reflection of the popularity of the Palestinian narrative.