The Birth of Doctor “Thief”

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Hello, it’s Dr. Abraham. Thanks for coming back for more of my story.

In my last post, I told you how in my first year at an American university in the Midwest a friend offered me some prescription pills to help me write an important essay overnight. Those pills were Adderall, a medicine commonly used to treat ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

You might be surprised at how common it is for people to think that prescription drugs aren’t dangerous or even illegal. Many prescription drugs can be just as dangerous, deadly, and addictive as street drugs. It is illegal to give or sell your prescription drugs to another person. From my practice I would say that most addicts start their drug use with marijuana or prescription pills, thinking they are relatively harmless or less risky than more “hardcore” drugs.

Once I tried the Adderall and saw how well it worked for me (I think I got a C grade on that essay, which is still better than failing, and remember English is not my first language!), I had to get more.

I approached the same friend who had given me the pills and asked if I could buy a few more from her.

Soon I was buying pills from multiple people at my school and popping several pills a day. I was always grinding my teeth and fidgeting, and I felt paranoid, irritable and jumpy. I got sick a lot because my appetite was suppressed and wasn’t eating enough to stay healthy. That is what stimulant drug abuse will do to you.

The more pills I took, the more my tolerance grew. I had to take more and more to get the same rush of energy and euphoria. I ran out of money fast (I had saved up some spending money from a part-time job over the summer before coming to university).

Desperate to stay high, I started stealing pills.

It was fairly easy. Whenever I went to a party, I would just go through the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Half the students were prescribed Adderall, and others just bought it to get high or to stay up late and study. I never had trouble finding pills.

I got too confident though and tried to snatch a bottle out of a girl’s purse. She caught me and reported it to the dean of the university.

The dean called me to his office and has security guards search my dorm room, where they found pill bottles with other students’ names on them.

I was expelled.

Please read about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs before going over my next post.